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Ubiquiti U Fiber, 4-port GPON OLT

KP Performance.This is the same Ubiquiti that's does not abide by the GPL for the modified linux kernel they use[1][2][3]. Which is really too bad as I had been ready to recommend their gear to a couple of businesses. Not only are they violating the GPL, but they've been doing it for over 4 years? Thanks for the links, this resets my opinion on Ubiquity. Doesn't violating the GPL for v2 or ignoring a notice that they violate the GPL for 30 days for v3 result in permanent loss of the rights to use the software?

Wouldn't at this point a copyright holder e. DanAtC 5 months ago. I was considering going all in on Ubiquiti gear for my next move, but this along with their GPL violations changed my mind. Thanks for pointing this out. Looks like their Wikipedia page could use an update.

AnIdiotOnTheNet 5 months ago. One can draw from this that the GPL is quite toothless. If even the biggest most important GPL'd software in history can't or won't defend itself, then why should anyone care about the GPL? Or one can draw that looking at a single violation on a single piece of software is a poor way to come to a conclusion for every violation on every piece of software.

D-Link comes to mind as a similar situation where GPL prevailed. Perhaps in this case nobody cares enough, either way doesn't mean GPL is useless and nobody should care about it. As with all licenses if the people that hold them do not enforce them than all licenses are Toothless the Linux Foundation has been notoriously anti-litigation, their corporate masters do not want any litigation at all, and more or less treat Linux as if it was BSD licensed instead of GPL.

Damn, I like their gear; who's the next best? I don't personally anybody who has used it. If on HN there is someone who would like to share his opinion about it, I'd be grateful. I've been using the APU2 platform for a home network router and can strongly recommend it. I especially like the open source firmware coreboot with frequent, signed releases.

Performance is strong even at full WAN bandwidth capacity of Mbps. Yes over Ethernet Maybe Mbps max. Apparently it has something to do with pfSense not multithreading connections and the single cores of the CPU not being fast enough on their own.AE ONUs requiring firmware upgrades can be individually upgraded or upgraded as part of a scheduled task. The upgrades can be scheduled for a maintenance window or performed immediately.

There is also a downgrade capability that allows you to revert AE ONUs to a previous version of firmware. The AE ONU firmware upgrades are made available from Calix as new features are added and existing issues are resolved.

Upgrades are typically announced with a Calix Service Bulletin and require submitting a request to the Calix Technical Assistance Center TAC to gain access to the firmware upgrade file.

Once you have permission, you can log in to the Calix Customer Resource Center and download the file. Note: Prior to performing the procedure below, the new. If the new firmware is not located here, the firmware file will not be added to the drop-down list of available updates. Note : Ensure the desired firmware version is selected prior to proceeding. Note: The following procedure assumes that you have downloaded the upgrade file from the Calix Customer Resource Center and copied it to any location on your local drive.

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Now with a simple click you may verify the ONU a technician or customer is referring to by making the display blink, eliminating any confusion. Related Products.

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ubiquiti onu firmware

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Host UNMS locally. If your server is running Ubuntu Let your network and business grow. UNMS now manages both your network and clients.

One point of access. Automatic topology overview. Zoom out to see your whole network. Topology views are created automatically for Ubiquiti devices, and can be easily adjusted for 3rd party devices.

UNMS stores up to a year of data for all your devices. Use this data to easily identify whether an issue is recent or long-term; gradual or sudden; or affecting 1 or s of your clients. This can take just a few seconds. All you need to do is change the plan. The quality of service on the gateway will be set automatically. Schedule firmware upgrade for all the devices with one click and UNMS will take care of the upgrade at the scheduled time.

If a problem occurs, the process is automatically stopped so it can be diagnosed. UNMS Mobile is also synced automatically, so logging in to any device is simple and seamless. Powerful mobile apps. We believed some things could be done much faster on a phone than on a laptop.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again.

If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. The original tarball came from here packetstormsecurity. In this case they've adopted the Huawei HG which is large and provides terrible WiFi coverage within the apartment. They're at least nice enough to turn off the WiFi and set Bridge mode, but the box still takes over most of the electrical box in my apartment.

Everytime I've had them make any change to my service-level they have turned off bridge-mode and then I have to make yet another call to turn it back on. So in summary I really wish they would replace the big box with a Ubiquiti Nano G and get out of the business of trying to do things they're terrible at. I began the exploration of the unit to be able to manage it myself. The configuration from Get prevents you from downloading the config.

To trick the router you'll do the following:. The configuration is stored as an encrypted XML file. Finding a decryption tool was easy enough, but unfortunately it was provided for Linux and Windows and not for Mac.

So I really wanted to know what the encryption key being used was and be able to use it directly on my Mac. In summary, passwords are hashed using.

ubiquiti onu firmware

SHA MD5 admin which in this example yields cafbfdff0a9bbcce43eb4ac5a0c98ef5bac. As defined in the configuration file Get added a user called 'getaccess' and with level 0 privileges the highest. So you can modify the root user UserLevel to 0 and you're really root again.

The astute reader might have noticed I skipped the first 8-bytes before decrypting the file.

Upgrade Ubiquiti APs to Latest Firmware for KRACK Vulnerability.

The properly encrypted Huawei config file has some sort of header 4 bytes and checksum 4 bytes and I just ignored it. If you plan on uploading a modified config back to the router you'd need to recreate that header, so in that case I'd use the Linux and Windows tool to be safe.

I replaced the Huawei box with a Ubiquiti Nano G. Get is using the Serial Number of the Huawei router as the method of authentication. This is a relatively common practice.

ubiquiti onu firmware

So in the web interface set Profile 2 for Huawei and then the device will reboot. Username and password are ubnt by default. On the Nano G you issue the following commands discussed on this website :. Another security researcher wrote this up.

Rewrite the Serial Number. Lastly, I bought the Nano G from Senetic. Skip to content.