T he planetary hours are based on an ancient astrological system, the Chaldean order of the planets. The Chaldean order indicates the relative orbital velocity of the planets.

F rom a traditional geocentric perspective the Chaldean order also shows the arrangement of the planetary spheres. T he planetary hours use the Chaldean order to divide time. Each planetary hour of the planetary day is ruled by a different planet. The planet that rules the first hour of the day is also the ruler of the whole day and gives the day its name.

Thus the first hour of Sunday is ruled by the Sun, the first hour of Monday is ruled by the Moon and so on. H owever, the planetary hours are not the same as the sixty minute hours beginning at midnight that we use for normal timekeeping.

The planetary days are divided into twenty four planetary hours with the first hour of the day beginning at sunrise and the last hour of the day ending at sunrise of the next planetary day. The period that extends from sunrise to sunset daylight is divided into twelve hours and the period extending from sunset to sunrise of the next day nighttime is also divided into twelve hours giving the twenty four hours of the planetary day.

A ccordingly, as the duration of daylight and darkness varies except at the Vernal and Autumnal Equinoxes, on a particular planetary day the length of the hours of the day will differ from the length of the hours of the night. Thus another name for the planetary hours, says William Lillythe renowned English astrologer, is the unequal hours. Christian Astrology[London, ] page William Lilly, Christian Astrologyp.

The origin of the names of the days are explicitly planetary in medieval Latin: dies dominici Sunday, the lord's daydie Lune, die Martis, die Mercuri, die Jovis, die Veneris, die Saturni. I n English the Teutonic equivalents of the Greek and Latin gods have been used for some of the names of the days, i. The 7 day week comes directly from astrology, the 7 days deriving from their lords, the 7 planets. We would note that from the introduction of how to install os on hp proliant server week in the classical period that the order has never varied or been interrupted.

For example the adoption of the Gregorian calendar changed the date, but not the endless cycle of the days of the week.

saturn planetary magic

A s we can see the sequence and names of the days of the week are not in the Chaldean order, but nevertheless the sequence and names of the days of the week are closely connected to the Chaldean order. Two processes interact to produce the sequence of the days of the week: 1 the fact that the planetary hours follow the Chaldean order and; 2 the fact that the planet that rules the first hour of each day rules the whole day and gives the day its name.

F igure One is the standard diagram of the planets arranged in a circle in the Chaldean order. Starting with the Sun and then following the order of the days of the week and their planetary rulers, i. Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, produces a seven pointed star, the heptagram of the week.Saturn, the last of the ancient planets, is perhaps the most maligned astrological force at play in our life.

The medieval astrologers called it the Greater Malefic. It was known as the planet of death because during the dark ages, the life span of the average person was around 30, close to the twenty-nine and a half year cycle of Saturn moving through the twelve zodiac signs. In actuality, Saturn is the planet of karma, limitations and discipline, now associated with the Saturn return, an approximate thirty year cycle in our life that often forces us to confront our past lessons and gain their wisdom before entering a new cycle.

Ever notice how people seem to go a bit crazy around thirty? Culturally we think its about entering a new age bracket, but it has a lot to do with astrology. For those who are aware, it can be a great period of learning and growth. In the astrological cycle, one is not fully an adult until the end of the first Saturn cycle.

The planet is the last of the inner planets, the last traditionally visible planet known to the ancient astrologers. The remaining planets are the modern, outer planets. So Saturn represents the limit, the end of the known realm and the last thing we can see clearly.

The rings of Saturn are beautiful, perfectly ordered chunks of ice and rock. Rings too, represent limits, bindings and boundaries. Initially the ice and ice covered rocks were without order, and Saturn came in during the formation of the solar system to bring order to the chaos of this debris.

That is the power and function of Saturn, to bring structure, order and limits. Like Jupiter, Saturn has an intricate Moon system, with ten Moons in all. Like Jupiter, Saturn is a spiritual teacher. They are the first of the spiritual planets, or the upper octaves of the personal planets. Saturn is considered the upper octave of the Moon, both tied together through the concept of karma. The symbol of Saturn is a cross on top of a crescent Moon. Spiritually, Saturn is associated with both the root chakra and the crown.

As the ruler of the root, Saturn relates the earth element, the physical world and all the trials and limitations that come with being in the world.

Magick squares, sigils and planetary seals

As the ruler of the crown, Saturn represents the resolution of karma, and the move into higher consciousness. Saturn is the teacher, but unlike Jupiter, it is a taskmaster teacher. Saturn is like the small still voice within. When you listen to it, everything is fine. The metal of Saturn is traditionally lead, because it represents the weight of the responsibilities we carry.

Magically, Saturn is the power of manifestation.

Tour of the Morning Planets (April 2, 2020)

It brings things into form, both our karma and our intentions, if they match our spiritual path. Saturn is the master of discipline, named after the Roman version of the Greek Chronos, the Titan associated with the harvest and reaping both rewards and consequences.

Planetary Magickal Correspondences – Timing your Spells to include Planetary Energy

Saturn is often like our Father Time and Grim Reaper archetype mixed into one. In the Kabalah, Saturn is associated with the sephiroth of Binah, and linked to the divine feminine, cosmic goddess and destroyer. Saturn is the power of the primal and ancient ones in any culture — the first gods, the Ancient Father and Mother.

The sign of Saturn is the earth sign Capricorn, the mountain goat, and because the Sun enters the sign of Capricorn at the Winter Solstice, a time traditionally associated with the birth of the divine child in many cultures, Saturn is also linked with the divine child of life and rebirth.

Saturn has many divine faces. It matters not which one we listen to, as long as we listen to that small voice of guidance before it becomes the landslide. Saturn can be called upon for magic involving protection, since it binds and limits.Have you ever wondered what it means to be influenced by a particular planet?

Each sun sign is influenced by one main planet and the energy of that planet has an effect on you every day of your life, although you are also influenced by other planets to varying degrees, it is your main planet that has the most influence. The planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto then appeared, Uranus affects the intuition, Mercury the intellect and Neptune compassion, Venus supplies the energy for personal affection, Pluto is responsible for regeneration and Mars has a profound animal energy.

The Sun affects the will, the spirit and personality, the Moon influences matter and personality, Mercury influences the Mind and the link between spirit and matter. Venus influences personal affections. Mars affects energy, courage and initiative, Jupiter influences expansion on all levels, Saturn is containment and the principle of contraction. The planets move at differing speeds, the fastest ones are the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars, they are the inner planets and affect our inner being.

Jupiter and Saturn are the interactive and social planets. Pluto, Neptune and Uranus are referred to as the outer planets and send their energies to the outer world. Although we are inextricably influenced by the planets, it is what we do with the energy that counts, Jupiter is considered the most benevolent of all the planets, Venus has a very similar energy. The most powerful energy is felt by the sign that the planet rules and this is called the sign of its dignity.

As each planet moves it is noted as being stationary, retrograde or direct, a stationary planet issues an intensely focused energy, as do direct planets. When a planet is retrograde it creates an unfocused energy, whereas a retrograde planet produces energies that are less effective. The Sun, it is the giver of life, the planet of the self and is also known as a luminary, it represents the ego, the self, the spirit of the unique individual, ego and personality.

It is the face that is shown to the world, the Sun nurtures the power within the individual, it stirs the creative spark and helps us the surge forth and meet whatever life has to offer. We are able to manifest ourselves in the world with strength, through the energy and will of this planet. The Sun stimulates the will and the desire to succeed, it is a force that affects our health and our overall sense of well-being.

The Sun rules achievement, higher office, success, it has the air of power. Each sign is visited by the Sun for one month, and through the year is will journey through the twelve signs of the zodiac.

Planetary Magical Squares

The Sun is the ruler of Leo and exudes a masculine outgoing, forceful, active energy. The Moon rules the emotions, it completes its journey of the zodiac in a month and it is the closest planet to Earth, and it has a profound affect on our emotions, just as it has an affect of the tides. Mood swings and changes are affected by the Moon, our feeling and how we act towards others, whereas the Sun has an outgoing energy, the Moon has an inner yin energy. It has a particularly strong effect on the female energy and is usually thought of as she and is likened to the goddess energy.

Fertility, pregnancy and childbirth are governed by the Moon, the Moon affects the emotions on a daily basis, and more especially those who are ruled by the Moon. The Moon can send us on an up and down journey, it forces us to get in touch with our emotions and to understand them in order for us to become whole.

The Moon rules the sign of Cancer and it is a feminine energy. Mercury is the planet of communication, and anyone who knows someone with the influence of the Mercurial energy will agree with this, those under this influence love to talk, in fact they are compelled to talk. Mercury enhances thought, communication and the logical processing of information, it helps a person to reason and to express.

Mercury is reason, opportunity, opinion, is quick acting and quick thinking, it is adaptable and witty. Mercury is objective and has a capacity for understanding, it seems to prompt movement and the need to flit from one thing to another, it is a restless energy, and constantly quests for answers.

It is a multifaceted energy that can work on many different levels at one time. Mercury affects comings and goings, and short journeys, it also affects siblings and the relationship they have with each other, how they communicate. Computers, telephone, speaking, writing, gaining knowledge are all influenced by Mercury, it instigates self-expression.

Although is communication is difficult, or there are holdups in your life, and you seem to be blocked at every turn, you will find that Mercury is retrograde and that is what is causing the holdups. At this point there will be challenges. Mercury is approximately 28 degrees from the Sun, and takes around 88 days to orbit the Sun, it has a neutral energy, neither male, nor female and will imbue the gender of the sign it is in.

Mercury is the ruler of Virgo and Gemini. Venus teaches love, contentment, appreciation, understanding, loving and caring for what we have, it rules happiness and peace.Planetary magic is a paradigm through which one uses the will to affect reality.

In this paradigm magic is worked through attuning to the classical planets of Hermetic philosophy. The process of learning planetary magic involves an initiatory journey where the aspirant seeks to bask in the archetypes and currents representative of each planet. Through this process one becomes empowered with both knowledge and the ability to work magic through symbolic resonance.

In Hermetic astrology and the Western esoteric tradition there are seven planets from our perspective as observers centered on the Earth: the Moon, Mercury, Venus, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Each of these planets is associated with certain archetypes and currents that are fundamental to conscious experience and to human experience and thus each can also be associated with the Sephiroth Sephirah is the singular of the Kabbalah.

For example, some aspects of the Venusian current are the emotional qualia of our reality and our relationships to others and to ourself. This mirrors qualities of the Force dynamics of the Sephirah of Netzach. Another example: the main aspects of Jupiter are associated with expansion within domains and eventual rulership thereof.

This corresponds to the Sephirah of Chesed in respect to the Kabbalah. On this site, because most practical magic is more easily worked from a planetary magic paradigm, each Sephirah is actually described in its corresponding planetary sphere's section below even if there is not a perfect, one-to-one correspondence between a Sephirah and a planetary sphere and is then elaborated on in the Sephirah's article.

That additional elucidation is more tightly tied into actual Kabbalistic theory and can be found off of the main menu or at the bottom of the introduction to the Kabbalah.

As mentioned, there are some deviations in mapping from the planets to the Kabbalah and vice-versa that one should be aware of, although we will not delve too deeply here into them. Earth, our planet and base sphere, is the tenth Sephirah of the Kabbalah Malkuth and is not traditionally discussed in Hermetic cosmology since it's the foundation from which explorations begin.

We do cover it though for sake of completeness and to sync up with the Kabbalistic map of reality. It also is thought of as the final sphere of emanation in the Kabbalah as opposed to the first sphere since the Kabbalah changes the perspective of the root observer from the Earth to the Heavens: the difficult-to-succinctly-discuss Abodes that correspond to the Kabbalistic Sephiroth of Kether and Chokmahand which don't map neatly to any planets.

There is also the Sephiroth representative of Da'athin the Kabbalah, that we will delve into only when discussing Kabbalistic theory. While planetary magic can be tied into the physical planets and there does seem to be an intricate connection between gravity, mass, the accretion of matter, the evolution of consciousness complexity, and the cosmological processes of the universe, it is best not to overponder such aspects at this time as the initiatory journey through the planetary spheres is intensely personal and trying to match each current or set of archetypes from each planetary sphere to the actual planet is likely to be an exercise in futility and frustration.

The planetary magic paradigm has its roots in Hermeticism and the writings of Hermes Trismegistus. In that system there is a rather well-defined cosmological model that defines the human being's place in the Universe in relation to the planetary spheres. Existing in the center of the sphere that is our Earth and proceeding outward one comes across the spheres of the seven classical planets enveloping the central sphere upon which we find the seat of our consciousness within the physical body.

These seven spheres correspond to an inner reflection of the seven planets visible to ancient astronomers. On the outermost layers of the Onion Model are the spheres associated with stellar and transcendental consciousness: far removed from human physicality, but the actual primordial source of our individualized conscious experience. There are two main ways to look at the planetary paradigm: from the Earth on up as just described and from the perspective of "God" emanating down into physicality from the outermost layers of the Onion Model toward the center — and Earth.

The latter view is the preferred approach as it more accurately describes how Consciousness became individuated and found Itself entangled within human form and within dualistic experience in general. This latter perspective also reflects how I recommend structuring one's initiatory journey. Start either at Saturn if one has some experience in magical pathworking or if they're feeling especially bold or, more likely, with Jupiter and spend a week or two with each sphere as you proceed attuning to the remaining planetary spheres in order of descent — finishing at the Moon.

You can then go and return to Saturn regardless of whether or not you started there and focus on starting a new cycle of planetary initiation: seeking attunement to each sphere's current and set of archetypes, working with the intelligence and spirit of each sphere to understand its forces and relationship to oneself and one's life, and even attempting magic or paying particular attention to how your life changes as you work through each sphere and cycle through them. Stick with a sphere for a longer period of time if there seems to be issues or trouble resonating within one or the other; I stuck with Venus and the Moon for a longer period of time when I really started cycling until I got a solid response from both within my life.

Things can get weird very quickly so prepare yourself as well! For a more elaborate discussion on the causal chain of emanation that individuates Souce Consciousness into self-affirming "individuals" please refer to the Kabbalah section of this site as it goes into further detail on each of the planetary spheres from a slightly different perspective. Each of the first sub-articles on the individual Sephiroth contains a fantastic summarization of the corresponding planetary sphere's connection to Consciousness as well as information pertinent to Thelemic and Western occult studies on the Sephiroth, e.

We also elaborate there upon the First, Second, Tenth and the "hidden" Eleventh Sephiroth which are immensely important in understanding Consciousness and its evolution but which do not match up very well with what we are examing here with planetary magic and theory.

Additionally, please study the section on Elemental Magic to further go into the nitty gritty details of how we can classify and dissect conscious experience at each level of the Four Worlds and take a gander at the Four Worlds article to get a better idea of the roadmap that is reality and what Kabbalah and Elemental Magic are trying to model as well as why so many models and classifications for reality by "levels" and "planes" exist.

The following site map is presented more in order of conscious emanation than as a practical attempt to pathwork. The first three are not planetary spheres per se and are included more for purposes of completeness so that Consciousness as the seat of experience and foundation of magic is never forgotten.

Refer, especially, to the first article in each planetary sphere's section for a thorough dissection of the sphere's relation to Consciousness and for a detailed look at what it represents.

saturn planetary magic

These first articles are usually more detailed and relevant to planetary theory and practice than the corresponding first articles for the Kabbalistic Sephiroth will be.

Toggle navigation. Planetary Magic What Is It?In the Western Occult Tradition, each planet has traditionally been associated with a series of numbers and particular organizations of those numbers.

saturn planetary magic

One such method of numerological arrangement is the magic square. The divine names associated with Saturn all have numerological values of 3, 9, or These values are calculated by writing out the names in Hebrew and then adding up the value of each included letter, as each Hebrew letter can represent both a sound and a numerical value.

The seal of Saturn is constructed by drawing lines that intersect every number within the magic square. The divine names associated with Jupiter all have numerological values of 4 or The names of the intelligence of Jupiter and the spirit of Jupiter are The square is constructed by first filling in each square with numbers 1 to 16 consecutively, starting at the bottom left with 1 and working upward toward the upper right with Then specific pairs of numbers are inverted, i. Opposite ends of the diagonals are inverted, as are the inner numbers on the diagonals, so that the following pairs are inverted: 1 and 16, 4 and 13, 7 and 10, and 11 and 6.

The remaining numbers are not moved. The seal of Jupiter is constructed by drawing lines that intersect every number within the magic square. The divine names associated with Mars all have numerological values of 5 or The names of the intelligence of Mars and the spirit of Mars have a value of The square is constructed by arranging the numbers consecutively in a pre-arranged pattern.

In general, numbering moves down and to the right. Hence, 2 is down and to the right of 1. When the down and right motion would take you off the edge of the square, it wraps around. Thus, since 2 is on the bottom edge, 3 is still to the right of 2, but it's at the top of the square instead of the bottom. When this pattern runs up against numbers already placed, the pattern shifts two rows down. Thus, 4 is on the left, 5 is one down and one to the right of 4, and if that motion were to be repeated, it would collide with the already placed 1.

Instead, 6 appears two rows down from 5, and the pattern continues. The seal of Mars is constructed by drawing lines that intersect every number within the magic square. The divine names associated with The Sun all have numerological values of 6 or The name of the intelligence of the Sun has a value of and the spirit of the Sun has a value of The creation of the square of the Sun is messy.Saturn is all about learning one's limits and the emphasizing of borders.

Saturn plants tend to enjoy growing in shade or in dry ground that would not nourish other plants. Although the classical view of this planetary influence is as evil and its scents as unpleasant, I think this is very limited and dualistic "there is only good or bad". Nor is this planet all about stricture; hemp is a Saturn plant after all. Crocodile Excretory system. Illnesses caused by an excessive need to control, such as ulcers or hypertension.

Herbs that affect the spleen and body structure, like bones and their weaknesses, like arthritis. Relationship to authority, discipline, restrictions imposed by others, boundaries, limitations, separation, self-discipline, organization, administration.

Astrology; Censer or aspergillus Tristitia. Saturn Associations. Herbs that are cooling, constricting, drying, and stabilizing Herbs that rejuvenate or that affect ageing Shrubs and hard or woody plants because Saturn is cold and dry Plants that like to grow in cold and dry locations, like mountains Plants with wispy, pale flowers Plants that grow in crevices Plants that produce a lot of seeds Invasive plants teach us to know our boundaries Slow-growing plants, because Saturn is slow Cooling plants Plants that like shade or have deep roots coolness again Medicinal plants that affect the bones, muscles, and teeth More shrinking and drying than Venus astringents Herbs that help with phobias and OCD Deliriants and hypnotics.

Excretory system Illnesses caused by an excessive need to control, such as ulcers or hypertension Phobias and OCD Attitude towards authority Discipline, restrictions, boundaries and the knowledge thereof Self-awareness Organizational skills, administrative ability Limitations, obstacles. Ghouls Larvae Corpse Candles. Herbs that are cooling, constricting, drying, and stabilizing Herbs that affect the spleen and body structure, like bones and their weaknesses, like arthritis Herbs that affect slow processes, like ageing Poisonous herbs Herbs that are deliriants or hypnotics.

Works of malediction and death; weapon is the sickle; figure is the triangle Healing, protection, invisibility Relationship to authority, discipline, restrictions imposed by others, boundaries, limitations, separation, self-discipline, organization, administration Works involving time, karma, diplomacy, work ethic.

Earth of Saturn Associations. Earth of Saturn Plants. Earth of Saturn Plant Qualities. Cassiel Goat Ass. Satyrs Fauns Panic demons. Musk herbincense Burgundy pitch Civet Any Saturnian perfume. Witches Sabbath, Evil eye; weapon is the lamp or secret force Relationship to authority, discipline, restrictions imposed by others, boundaries, limitations, separation, self-discipline, organization, administration. Air of Saturn Associations. Air of Saturn Plants. Air of Saturn Plant Qualities.

Zircon Amber Amethyst Garnet Artificial glass. Snowdrop Foxglove Morning glory.These pages detail an ancient form of magick that have been updated for modern practitioners. It incorporates the use of magick squares and sigils for a more focused intent in spell work.

Magick squares are used to draw in the influences of their corresponding planet. Bear in mind that with any work of magick the inclusion of universal forces should be in harmony with your intent. Each Magick Square represents a matrix of planetary energy. Magick squares are based on the original work done by ancient mathematicians in their description of numbers. Magical practitioners expanded on this to carry over the correlation between a number and its corresponding planet, therefore representing planetary energy in a mathematical format.

Each magick square is made up using three key numbers. The first is the planetary number itself. The second is the square of the planetary number or the planetary number multiplied by itself. The third is the sum of the square or all the incremental numbers starting at 1 that it takes to fill the boxes in the square added together and then divided by the planetary number.

When drawing the magick square all of the numbers should be placed in the square in sequence beginning with then number 1.

Below is the magick square representing Saturn. Notice, as mentioned above, that our square is 3 by 3 and that all the rows equal A sigil is a signature, if you will. It can be seen a symbol of our intent.

Sigils incorporated with other influences can add great direction and focus to spell work. Sigils can be traced in air, carved on candles, drawn on paper and burned etc. Sigils can be drawn and formed using the magick squares that have been described above. Saturn is the planet that rules institutions such as banks, real estate transactions, investments, educational institutions etc.

Lets say our intent was for successful investing. We want a sigil to represent ourselves at being successful in our investment endeavours. So we pick the word investor which will be our sigil, the visualization of self as a smart investor, surrounded by favourable aspects and clear choices to make our money grow.

Now…how do you determine how to draw your sigil. Using the Western system of numerology, each letter has a numerical equivalent that is detailed in the chart below. Referring back to our work with Saturn for a favourable investment strategy, select a word of phrase that you want drawn into a sigil. We take our key word of investor and map it to the chart shown above. Then by starting with our first corresponding number and continuing through each in order, we draw out our sigil.

Using some of the other correspondences for Saturn, we could carve this sigil into a black candle anointed with bergamot or cypress. We can also surround the candle with onyx and place it on top of the world card from a tarot deck.

Imagine the magick square as the accelerator and the planetary seal as the brakes. Lets look at Mercury for this example. Many people are effected dramatically when mercury goes retrograde. One of the most common things most often adversely impacted Mercury retrograde is communication. If for example you had a meeting that was important to your career during a Mercury retrograde, you could block the mercury energy by placing the planetary seal over the magick square of Mercury, thus eliminating the effects of Mercury retrograde for you.

Bear in mind that when you block a planet you are blocking ALL of the effects of a planet, so this could work against you. Although sometimes blocking a planet temporarily may be appropriate usually a sigil designed to filter the negative effect may be a better way to handle a situation. For more detailed information on magick squares, seals and correspondences of the seven visible planets, just click on the links below.