To register online for the workshop, click here. An E-Certificate will be provided to all attendees on the successful completion of the Workshop. The Meeting ID will be shared one day before to all registered participants in the wats app group. The last date to register is July 19, Disclaimer : We try to ensure that the information we post on Noticebard.

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research β€” university of macerata: workshop registration

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Scientific committee

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research β€” university of macerata: workshop registration

Share on twitter Twitter. Share on whatsapp WhatsApp. Share on linkedin LinkedIn. Share on email Email. The workshop will be conducted from July 20 to 24, from 11 am to 2 pm IST. Contact Dr. Yogita Mandhanya For full notification, click the link below. Related Posts. Get Noticebard in Your Email. Subscribe with us.It is the organizers' intention to showcase original research into the figurative language associated with Austerity in its many guises and in various spheres of life, and to stimulate interdisciplinary debate between established and early-career researchers who are investigating Austerity in corpus data.

Video and media

Proposals are therefore welcome on any aspect of figurative language relevant to the central theme of Austerity, including, but not limited to, the economy, work and unemployment, immigration and asylum seeking, social inclusion and exclusion.

Given the dominance of English in the literature on metaphor, research dealing with other languages will be particularly welcome, whether contrastive or otherwise. Extended peer-reviewed abstracts will be published concurrently with the workshop see Call for Papers for details. The organizers also intend to prepare an edited volume containing selected papers on Metaphor and Austerity.

Unemployment, redundancy, inflation, recession, insecurity, and poverty all loom, causing governments, businesses and individuals to re-evaluate their priorities. A changing world changes attitudes, and the earliest manifestations of such change can often be found in figurative language. Political rhetoric attempts to sweeten the bitter pill that nations have no choice but to swallow; all are invited to share the pain, make sacrifices for the common good, and weather the storm.

But more sinister undertones can also be perceived. In times of social and financial dire straits, scapegoats are sought and mercilessly pursued in the press. The elderly, unemployed, and disabled are under fire for "sponging off the state"; and as jobs become scarcer and the tax bill rises, migrant populations and asylum seekers are viewed with increasing suspicion and resentment. Calls for a "big society" fall on deaf ears.

Workshop and Conferences

Society, it seems, is shrinking as self-preservation takes hold. Extended abstracts for 20 minute talks words, excluding references and for posters words, excluding references should be sent in an email attachment to Gill Philip by 31 January Following notification of acceptance, participants will be invited to resubmit their abstracts for inclusion in the peer-reviewed workshop proceedings which will be published concurrently with the workshop.

Deadline for submission of abstracts: 31 January Notification of acceptance: 5 March Deadline for revised abstracts: 14 May Workshop: 22 July Kitson, R.

The geographies of austerity. Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society 4. An analysis of visual metaphors in three newspaper cartoons depicting the Eurozone crisis Davida Fromm et al. Hanno Biber -- Austerity in the Thirties and the Consequences. This page last modified on Tuesday 7 May at am.Download Poster jpg. The workshop intends to debate some of the key questions being raised and discussed within the context of the ongoing preparatory committee of the United Nations tasked with delivering a draft text containing elements for an international legally-binding instrument under the United Nations Conventions for the Law of the Sea on the conservation and sustainable use of marine biological diversity of areas beyond national jurisdiction.

One of the key points under discussion hinges of the legal status of marine genetic resources in both the high seas and in and on the Area, including, importantly, a legal regime for the access and the equitable sharing of benefits arising from their commercial utilization.

Questions of environmental protection, distributional justice and economic opportunities intersect sometimes in conflictual ways.

Presentations, held by experts in the field, will both contribute to the advancement of the academic debate and provide useful input to the ongoing negotiations. Download here the flyer The program will be posted soon. The Final Conference aims at investigating the most relevant outcomes achieved within the four years of project, involving academics and interested stakeholders all over the world.

The event represents moreover an opportunity to share ideas and discuss emerging legal issues with academics, international organizations, consultants, practitioners and interested stakeholders, with particular reference to the to the climate change impacts on the marine environment, marine biodiversity protection and the international and national response to maritime crimes.

Download here the program and the Registration form. The Conference is free of charge. Please register at: marsafenet. Download here the flyer. Download here the program.

Call for Papers & Tracks, and doctoral Workshop

Maritime boundaries in contemporary international law Baeza, Spain, december International University of Andalucia β€” Download here the program.

The program and further information can be found here and at www. Registration to the Conference: ana. Legal experts from the United Nations, i. The primary focus is on security aspects of offshore wind energy and lessons to learn from other offshore activities. Please register at info isrim. Naples, Italy. Venue: University of Cordoba, Spain. Date: 27 November Venue: Rome ITP. Date: 6 June Date: 14 April Workshops are led by leading experts on particular methodologies, including some of our own faculty.

In addition to the two major sources of crime data data from the Uniform Crime Reporting Program and the National Criminal Victimization Surveyhe discussed other data sources that provide micro-level information on criminal procedure, including the State Court Processing Statistics, the periodic Survey of State and Federal Corrections Facilities, and the National Corrections Reporting Program.

The seminar highlighted innovative uses of these data products and discussed potential for future research. It also touched upon the use of administrative data from criminal justice agencies in non-experimental and experimental research, and the potential for linking criminal justice information to data other administrative data sets such as vital statistics and employment data.

Workshop materials: powerpoint slides. Play Video Now. Workshop materials: Powerpoint slides. Drawing on game theory to represent situations in which one actor attempts to induce another actor to take a favorable decision on his or her behalf, this family of models has become an increasingly important perspective in analysis of law and lawmaking institutions. Workshop materials: Gailmard readingPowerpoint slides. Listen Now:. Berkeley, asks, in light of the challenges posed in the title, what can public opinion surveys tell us or fail to tell usand what is their relevance to social and political research?

Lee provides an overview of sampling, measurement, the psychology of survey response, and the design of questionnaires. The workshop considers the implications of various perspectives for methodologically-informed research, focusing both on concept-formation and measurement, and on causal inference.

Workshop bibliography. These measures can capture, among other thing, the position of individuals in the network, as well as the overall structure of the network. Drawing on his experience moving from the UK to Italy, he asks about the meaning and applicability of the concept of legal culture more generally, and the possibilities and consequences of attempts to impose global prescriptions and standards. In this workshop, MacCoun stipulates that experimentation creates tradeoffs with respect to real-world generalizability, and instead focuses on designing experiments that are maximally informative for testing theory.

This workshop introduces participants to the basics of data cleaning while addressing the most commonly seen data management issues and problems. And include narrative responses to these questions from a number of socio-legal scholars around the country as well as their own ideas and data. Workshop material: Powerpoint Lecture. The workshop provides an introduction to the art and science of GIS, software for creating geo-spatial data bases, maps, and estimating spatially appropriate models.

Rudes, Assistant Professor of Administration of Justice and Sociology at George Mason University, introduce participants to the software and answer some common questions beginning users confront.

The afternoon not on video involved some hands-on practice with basic feature of Atlas. For more information, visit the Atlas. This workshop draws on new discoveries in cognitive science to discuss the planning, shaping and administering of this kind of interview, and provides helpful suggestions about analysis. After reviewing the steps involved in conducting surveys, he discusses the sampling process in more detail and the design of questionnaires. Drawing on examples from ethnographies of disputing in corporations, legal consciousness and conflict in schools and urban settings, Morrill illustrates how to systematically approach ethnographic data collection, data analysis, and writing.

What is D-Lab? Using Atlas.Sergakis glasgow. Professor Konstantinos Sergakis holds an LL.

research β€” university of macerata: workshop registration

He also acts as an external examiner for Durham University. He currently sits on the editorial board of the journals 'Corporate Ownership and Control' and 'Corporate Governance and Sustainability Review'. Onassis Foundation award and publication of a PhD thesis which has received recognition in the academic community.

He has participated in numerous international conferences and publishes regularly articles in international journals. He has also received scholarships from the Alexander S. His research has been cited by authorities, associations and market actors in various countries.

He also delivers training seminars to pension funds in relation to shareholder stewardship issues. He is happy to talk to the media about the following topics: Capital Markets law, Company law, Company directors, Institutional investors, Proxy advisors and Corporate governance. For more information on Professor Sergakis's research, please visit his profile on the following network:.

Katelouzou, D. In: Katelouzou, D. Cambridge University Press. Accepted for Publication. Kokkinis, A. Journal of Corporate Law Studiesdoi: Birkmose, H.

Edward Elgar Publishing. Bartolacelli, A. In: Birkmose, H. Sergakis, K. In: Tountopoulos, V. Hart Publishing, pp. ISBN Abuses of Companies. Series: European company law series Series: Elgar financial law. Edward Elgar. Enforcing Shareholders' Duties. Edward Elgar, pp. Series: Palgrave corporate and financial law. Palgrave Macmillan. Autenne, A.

Accounting, Economics, and Law8 3 Malberti, C.Skip to content. Skip to navigation. Registration requires participants to fill out the online form link below and pay the due fee by bank transfer only UniMC students are exempt from payment. Copy of the transaction and proof of non-UniMC student status if applicable will need to be provided in order to successfully complete the registration process. Registration fees are intended as contributions to the conference costs.

A receipt of payment will be provided over the three days of the conference. Registration opens on 10 September and closes on 20 February Available CFU: 2 Participation in at least 4 sessions is required, plus the submission of a final report.

Registration fees include - Attendance to all conference sessions - Conference package and documentation - Refreshments - Wine tasting. How to register. You will need to have at hand a copy of your payment receipt and non-UniMC student status if applicable. Please note, that there is no refund for nonattendance. It is, however, possible to send a replacement without any extra cost or formal procedure, prior to notification to the Organising Committee lang.

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research β€” university of macerata: workshop registration

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