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Find more information on the Altmetric Attention Score and how the score is calculated. In situ high-pressure Raman spectroscopy, with corroborating density functional calculations, is used to probe C—H chemical bonds formed when dissociated hydrogen diffuses from a platinum nanocatalyst to three distinct graphenic surfaces.

At ambient temperature, hydrogenation and dehydrogenation are reversible in the combined presence of an active catalyst and oxygen heteroatoms. Hydrogenation apparently occurs through surface diffusion in a chemisorbed state, while dehydrogenation requires diffusion of the chemisorbed species back to an active catalyst.

Experimental procedures, assignment of the cm —1 mode to a CH wag, consideration of a high frequency CH stretch, explanation of C—D downshift, consideration of surface enhancement Raman spectroscopy and electromagnetic effects, diffusion distance, activation energy of diffusion chemisorbed H, Figures S1—S10, and Tables S1—S3. The American Chemical Society holds a copyright ownership interest in any copyrightable Supporting Information.

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Chemical Reviews2 ACS Nano9 7 The Journal of Physical Chemistry C46 The Journal of Physical Chemistry C18 Tracking the Hydrogen Motion in Defective Graphene. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C13 Lueking, George Psofogiannakis, and George E.Reveal deeper insights into your organization's relationships with RelSci Contact Aggregator. Marcello Gaboardi is affiliated with University of Bocconi.

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A relationship does not necessarily indicate a personal connection. Michael Spence. Giancarlo Forestieri. Paolo Andrea Colombo. Andrea Gilardoni. Fabio Lorenzo Sattin. Pier Luigi Fabrizi. Severino Antonio Salvemini. Maurizio Dallocchio. Luigi Arturo Bianchi. Trending People. Chris Matthews.

Mark Joseph Carney. The Latest: France shuts about schools over virus - Associated Press.Blankley University of Nebraska College of Law. This Article discusses access to justice in the implementation of orders in family cases.

Parenting, financial, and other types of family court orders may last up to eighteen or twenty-one years in the case of minor children or longer in the case of protected adults. In the case of financial obligations, these orders set forth ongoing requirements to make monthly payments such as child support, alimony, and medical expense reimbursements and to maintain other financial obligations such as maintaining health insurance, daycare expenses, and payment of costs for extracurricular activities.

Most importantly, these court orders allocate parenting time, which may Go to article. Davis University of Toledo College of Law.

This Essay suggests that the unseen presence of blacks and other underrepresented groups such as women, minorities, LGBTQ individuals, and persons with disabilities in the shadows of the development of international arbitration law in the United States helps us to see that diversity, while unrecognized, has been inherent in American international arbitration for hundreds of years.

Erichson Fordham University School of Law. This Essay looks at how mediators describe their role, and it asks whether—in negotiations to resolve mass disputes—the mindset and skill set of mediators may sometimes exacerbate rather than mitigate risks of self- serving conduct by lawyers. The Essay applies general concerns about class settlements and nonclass settlements to the particular problem of mass dispute mediation. Thomas School of Law. It argues that, by developing skills, citizens can significantly contribute to altering the course of history in our global economy, especially in Latin America and Venezuela.

It introduces and familiarizes citizens with the knowledge developed in the dispute resolution field for the past fifty years. As a new field, dispute resolution is rapidly growing and evolving.

Even though the knowledge produced is vital to help us interact more effectively, the materials are complex, dispersed, and, in Restorative justice processes have been promoted as an alternative to criminal adjudication for many years outside the United States and, in recent years, in the United States as well. In the United States, restorative justice processes are used in some jurisdictions in cases involving juvenile offenders or low-level, nonviolent offenses by adults, but they have rarely been used in cases of adult felony offenders charged with serious violent crimes.

Whether restorative justice processes will be used more broadly depends largely on whether prosecutors become receptive to their use. Arbitration offers disputing parties a process to resolve their dispute, which, at least in theory, is known for decreased cost, increased speed, party control, privacy, and finality.

This Article proceeds in two parts. Part I argues for a dynamic, rather than fixed, conception of access to justice.


It then explores how ADR processes, when placed in this dynamic framework, can create new forms of injustice and intensify preexisting ones. Part II presents a case study from the foreclosure crisis to illustrate how the features of ADR processes are especially well suited to respond to dynamic injustices. It further demonstrates how ADR design must evolve to respond to the dynamic system of in justice in which ADR processes operate.

Does Adr Feel Like Justice? Reynolds University of Oregon School of Law. How people feel about alternative practices and processes will have an impact on whether they avail themselves of those methods in their own disputes. In other words, even if we had widely available, high-quality, and free ADR services available to everyone, we might still have an access to justice problem because those services would not be Schmitz University of Missouri School of Law.

Access to Justice A2J is the hot topic of the day, energizing Twitter and judges alike. Meanwhile, professors and policymakers join in song, singing the praises of online dispute resolution ODR as means for expanding A2J. This is because ODR uses technology to allow for online claim diagnosis, negotiation, and mediation without the time, money, and stress of traditional court processes. The hope is that online triage and dispute resolution systems will provide means for obtaining remedies for self-represented litigants SRLs There is a saying in the United States: the justice one receives is the justice one can afford.

All too often, this saying proves true for both lower- and middle-class individuals. For the greatly impoverished, the access to justice crisis is twofold: part of the problem is knowing when to seek legal help and another is ensuring adequate delivery of legal assistance on request.

Middle- class individuals face a different challenge, as they surpass the income threshold for free civil public legal aid but cannot afford the rising costs of conventional litigation.These metrics are regularly updated to reflect usage leading up to the last few days.

Citations are the number of other articles citing this article, calculated by Crossref and updated daily. Find more information about Crossref citation counts.

Johann Sebastian Bach: Concertos For Oboe \u0026 Oboe D'Amore

The Altmetric Attention Score is a quantitative measure of the attention that a research article has received online. Clicking on the donut icon will load a page at altmetric. Find more information on the Altmetric Attention Score and how the score is calculated. Recent experiments suggest that the high hydrogen storage capacity in graphite nanostructures might be associated with adsorption on the edges.

First-principles calculations are used to study the structure and energetics of H chemisorption on graphite zigzag edges. The properties of both singly and doubly hydrogenated edges are examined. Molecular hydrogen can dissociatively adsorb on the edge directly, with small activation barriers to the formation of either singly or doubly hydrogenated structures. A new model for the location of adsorbed H is proposed. In papers with more than one author, the asterisk indicates the name of the author to whom inquiries about the paper should be addressed.

View Author Information. Cite this: J. Article Views Altmetric. Citations Cited By. This article is cited by 36 publications. Iann C. Gerber, Philippe Serp. Chemical Reviews2 Tracking the Hydrogen Motion in Defective Graphene. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C13 The Journal of Physical Chemistry C51 Bachellerie, M.

Sizun, F.Meet the minds! Introducing the people at the core of the iCube Programme. Elisabeth has a four-year B. She holds specific expertise in Smart Cities, Energy and Bioeconomy. Raffaella holds a Degree in Law at the University of Genoa. He has a professional background in market analysis, more than seven years' experience in European Projects with a focus on e-procurement and mystery shopping on e-government covering different European countries.

She is in charge of H proposal development and project management. She has been working in non-profit organisations as project coordinator for national and international projects on environmental, economic and social sustainability and communication since Charlotte holds a degree in physics and in classical piano.

Digital marketing specialist for brands of the classical music world and social media strategist. Over the past three years she has been working as social media and community manager and as social media and communication strategist for a number of EU-funded projects. She has worked several H projects, with particular focus in project management social media strategy and citizen engagement She joined Fondazione iCons from its foundation year Silvia holds a Bachelor Degree in Communication Design, with a thesis in publishing, at the Politecnico di Milano and a Master Diploma in Brand Communication and has a professional background in web design, social media marketing and community management.

Giuliana is responsible for the exploitation activities of iCube EU-funded projects with special focus on market research, business analysis, development and management of exploitation plans. He has also experiences in the communication field as project manager and copywriter.

During her studies, she had the opportunity to work at her final research thesis in Hamilton, Canada. She joined iCube in and she is working for EU-funded projects' exploitation activities. She also studied at Bicocca University in Milan at the faculty of Statistical and Economic Sciences SSE : in that period she discovered the passion for numbers applied to economic forecasts in addition to having expanded her mathematical and economic knowledges.

She has a professional background in Transport and Logistic sector as employee in import and export department. She also works as a "one-man-band" reporter, producing, shooting and editing her stories. In she won the Saint Vincent Journalism Award for the best tv news story. She graduated with a first class honors degree in Ancient Letters from the University of Turin in In her career as a consultant, she also worked for International and Italian PR agencies providing strategic consultancy to multinational corporations.

Angelique holds a Ph. Mark accomplished a four-year B. Hons degree in Modern Languages and European Studies and today he holds a Master's degree in translation. He has worked for both regional and national authorities in France dealing with various European collaborative programmes such as Interreg, Erasmus Mundus and H For the last seven years, he has specialised in translating and copywriting promotional and scientific material. Mark is involved in communication and dissemination activities including copywriting and adapting content to target audiences.

marcello gaboardi

After obtaining a bachelor d egree cum laude in visual arts from the University of Palermo, Giulio moved to Milan, in a perspective of personal and professional development.

He has a wide experience in editorial and web-oriented design, as well as in branding, art direction, illustration and typography. He is responsible of projects' graphic design at iCube. She joined the iCube team in in the role of junior graphic designer. He works as photographer, video-maker and art director both in Italy and abroad and counts several publications on important magazines. He joined iCube in and is responsible for the video productions of iCube EU-funded projects in H He has a ten experience in web and mobile development, gained through various digital agencies, working with different programming languages and with a wide range of tools and technologies.

He has a professional background in consultancy and more than six years in managing budgets and grants of scientific funded projects with a specific focus on non profit sector. Federica graduated from University of Pavia with a first degree in Legal Services. Raffaella Moreschi Senior Project Manager.

Giulio Mazzolo Project Manager.This is one of the formal innovations introduced by the new law on business crisis and insolvency. There are also a number of substantial new norms aimed at making insolvency prevention more effective. Qualified public creditors such as tax agencies and social security agencies have new reporting obligations.

If they do not report a potential state of distress, they risk losing their status as privileged creditors. The law also establishes a distress composition body which, a little bit like in civil disputes mediation, is aimed at helping the distressed company to return to solvency through agreements with creditors. Gaboardi is skeptical about its effectiveness. In addition to introducing a single proceeding to enter all procedures, whether it be judicial restructuring or liquidation, the new law takes into account the evolution of the figure of the debtor.

When the bankruptcy law was first written, inthe debtor was in most cases an individual entrepreneur. The reform strengthens the discipline of corporate bankruptcy and introduces a new set of rules for the management of the insolvency of groups of companies, giving a central role to liability actions brought by creditors of a subsidiary against its parent company. Paolo Pin highlights social mechanisms that make containment policies effective or ineffective. Marcello Gaboardi. If you continue navigating on the site, please expressly accept the uses of these cookies.

How Does History Matter? Seminar presentation by Prof. Where Has All the Data Gone? Trade and Trees.Featured Article. Thank you to RGSJ for allowing us to share this article. Part I of this Article has introduced the facts of Madison v. Alabama and its central holding.

Further, Part IV discusses other issues related to executing mentally ill prisoners that may arise following Madison v. Part V briefly concludes. A State-Circuit Split:. The Sixth Circuit, sitting en banc, denied an application to rehear the case. Accordingly, the law of damage caps in Tennessee remains unsettled. Not much has been written about the year old circuit split over whether 28 U. Specifically, I argue that the case establishing the rule in the Ninth Circuit erroneously relied on a previous case that it misinterpreted.

I further argue that the source of this misinterpretation was an inaccurate headnote. This raises concerns about the use of headnotes more generally.

The Controllers That Report the Risk of a Crisis

Attorneys cite headnotes more frequently than you would think, and courts have been misled by headnotes several times. The proliferation of multinational enterprises has created the need for a strong and systematic regulatory process in each jurisdiction.

In India, specialised regulators such as the Competition Commission of India have been created for this purpose, and with the aim that special skills and expertise is required for regulating such niche areas and industries. This paper discusses the evolution of the judicial system in India from the days of the British Raj, which has led to the current system of regulation, following which the nature and functions of the Commission are discussed, with particular emphasis on its suo moto powers.

marcello gaboardi

Finally, the paper deliberates on the procedural inadequacies and irregularities committed by the Commission, which have created an environment where the regulatory process followed by it is at odds with the principles of natural justice, resulting in opaqueness and unpredictability for market participants.

A diamond is a symbol of wealth and even love and affection. Interestingly, most people do not truly understand how diamonds are formed and or realize that the marketing genius of one company, De Beers at one point a virtual international monopolyhas conditioned most of us to desire diamonds, regard diamonds as intrinsically valuable, and associate diamonds with romance and love. Furthermore, some do not know that several poor African nations have large deposits of diamonds; yet, others, while knowing that several African nations possess large caches of diamonds, have been led to believe that the diamonds from those nations should be shunned because African nations use diamonds to fuel wars and conflict on the African continent.

This article represents a preliminary and methodology-oriented effort to conduct an economic analysis of the Italian civil justice system, commonly perceived as inefficient and proposes a different approach. More specifically, it demonstrates how the failure of several Italian legal reforms was based on methodological errors, which led to the inefficiency of the system itself.

Accordingly, it proposes an alternative in methodology. For the mentioned purpose, it shall use the theories and methods studied by Judge Posner concerning the judiciary system. In particular, it shall evaluate if the Posnerian methodology could be applied to the reforms to come from the Italian judiciary system.