Please leave any requests you may have! Hank scoffed and turned forward which caught the attention of the boy next to him. Human emotions were still a new thing to him especially from someone as complicated as Hank. The android was taken aback from the statement.

Did he do something wrong? Was there something in my actions that caused discomfort? Please tell me so I know not to do it again next time. Hank slammed the breaks causing an abrupt to the vehicle. Connor blinked and tilted his head once more, trying to retain the information. He had one order to stay but the other was to finish the mission which forced him to have to leave.

The android chose the latter and exited the vehicle. His shoes tapped against the wet ground as he approached the yellow tape which blocked any citizens from getting a closer look. Connor turned his head to glance at the owner of the voice before looking away.

Why would they want to know? Is it not better for them to be shielded from such classified if not harmful information? His thoughts were interrupted as a springfield muzzle loading rifle blocked his path. This one statement caused Hank to turn around and sigh at the sight before him.

No surprise here. Hank crossed his arms as Connor approached him. He took note of how your eyes looked him up and down, as if scanning him just like he was doing to you that very moment. Your picture popped up into his field of view and gave him all the basic information. As the information shifted out of view, he saw how your eyes were still inspecting him. You shifted back to his face that what staring back at you.

machine connor x reader

A small smile graced your lips as you put your hand out for him to shake. No one ever used this form of greeting towards him, especially since he was an android.

Detroit Become Human - Machine Connor’s Obsession With The Mission - I Always Accomplish My Mission

He decided to do the same and stretch his hand out towards yours as well. The only problem now was that he was shaking your hand. Currently, you both just had palms touching each other with no motion at all. Your laughter broke through the awkward silence as you gently wrapped your hand around his in greeting, shaking it.Originally posted by bedifferentstrange.

You woke up in a panic. In your half-awake half unconscious state you could distinguish the smell of fire around you. You could feel something heavy on your head and the pain in your injured shoulder. Then came the rest of your senses and you gasped when the first big breath was filled with smoky air. No fire. You turned your head to look straight up at Connors face. It was a mix of many emotions, which you thought might be hard on him. It was all new to him. But in between all those emotions were the calm and relieve when your eyes met.

First then you registered that the heaviness on your head, was Connors hand, his thumb slowly caressing your hairline. Your head was placed in his lap that felt nothing less than human. You were thirsty and tried to sit up, but Connor pressed a hand against your stomach to make you stay down.

You are hurt and people are out looking for supplies. We found an abandoned building, so we are safe for now. I do believe it was once a church. The little you could see showed that he was right. The old mosaic windows were shattered but the pieces left in the frames were shimmering in a multi-coloured light. The main light source was a few barrels with fires crackling inside them. That might be why it all smelled wet and burned. They will be back soon. A woman with short black hair with a little girl in her arms were looking and smiling your way.

You tried your best to smile back. She was about to give you her jacket, but I told her it was too small. But you need it yourself. The conversation let to so many new questions. How long were you out?While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". We have new magnet and pin thank-you gifts for those who are able to make a donation!

In a new post Android Revolution the city of Detroit has experienced some change. She hard working and skillful in her job though she does have a few personal issues that she tries her best to not let effect her.

Roughly three years or so after the revolution news of a new Android was found by Jericho in the basement of Cyber Life, the supposed replacement for Rk The Rk the most advanced to date of the RK series.

Yet out the blue this Android begins to make a name for it's self getting dubbed The Detroit Wolf, the relentless hunter that strikes fear into anyone who is unfortunate to land on his radar. Months after the Android joins it's finally done the impossible he managed to drive away Detective Gavin Reed, who up and leaves.

machine connor x reader

Now she must deal with the unbearable present of Rk, who loves to lurk and stalk the Detective every minute of everyday. This short little fic is complete fluff. This book contains swearing, sexual themes, graphic scenes, and more. His costume needs some getting used to but you know just the way to make the best use of it.

A series of snippets following Connor and the reader on their journey to one another. Rating will change for future chapters. Currently gender neutral reader. You come back to the DPD after recovering from an accident. Your case is gone and there is currently no work for you. While you are still warming up to the free-living androids around you, Connor decides to start an experiment on you.

A collection of dbh headcanons requested from tumblr. The first chapter is simply an index listing out all the headcanons, so if you're looking for anything specific, look there : I'll be making little collections like these for my other fandoms eventually. Gleaming brown irises bore into the rising bewilderment behind my eyes, threatening to pierce my chest like lightening and crush the teetering walls of my soul.

I was enthralled; I had been pinned by the gaze of a predator. Imagines, Headcanons, Some video games, and scenarios. Usually only x reader, but I'll do character x character on occasion. Coping with emotions is never easy on a regular basis, however things get a lot more complicated when the past comes to find you and your android companion again. Captain Allen didn't have a plan after the showdown at Hart Plaza. He wasn't sure how he got there, after all he'd been through.

Wasn't sure how things could ever get that bad. But maybe deep down, through all the trauma, he was sure. Maybe he did know. After all, he'd seen the real start of deviancy.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. We have new magnet and pin thank-you gifts for those who are able to make a donation! Since Decemberafter the violent android revolution, a dark and mysterious masked man plays the vigilante at night in Detroit.

connor x reader

He chase down criminals, humans and also androids, in order to help the DPD to keep things under control in the city. Gavin, who's a detective, doesn't approve the vigilante's method, who's also called Midnight. But despite finding the mysterious man attractive, Gavin has to arrest him as it is his detective's duty.

At least he tries, cause his heart thinks differently. Hank knows that machines can't care or fear or be hurt. Connor agrees but for some reason that pisses Hank off There's something not right about CyberLife's involvement with the police and there's something not right about Connor.

The sooner he can get rid of him the better. Connor is finally in beta testing after rigorous optimization and validation. People say things that don't mean what they sound like they mean. Androids are meant to make life easier for humans, but not all humans are happy about it.

The mission is most important though. Once he has passed beta testing he will be perfect- Amanda said so- therefore he must be perfect to pass beta.

He'll finally be good enough and worthy of all of the time and money CyberLife has spent on him. The concepts explored are the same, but this is turning out very differently. Then he wakes up back on his first day of existence, with an Amanda and a CyberLife none the wiser to any problem. So he saves Daniel.

machine connor x reader

And keeps saving other androids, not entirely sure why but unable to stop himself. Becoming an enigmatic symbol of the Android Revolution had not remotely been part of his plans, however. And Hank and Markus are not helping. An American android and a Russian android are forced to work together on a spy mission to save the world. Being human is not easy. In Detroit, after the success of the peaceful android revolution, there are countless cases of androids suddenly going insane and becoming addicted to drugs.

Not only that, but several other cases of androids starving, self-destructing in bizarre ways, raping humans and other androids, and being diagnosed with mental disabilities like BPD and schizophrenia. The epidemic is quickly spreading. Art will improve and develop continuously. Check out the latest chapter if you want to see the current quality of art.

Androids are not alive.Originally posted by dchrt. TLDR: In the heart of the battlefield you will not accept the fate of this profane love…. This went off the rails into some serious territory so please if you are uncomfortable with any trigger listed skip over loves.

Thanks to you loves for following, requesting, commenting and being precious beans. Machines do not die or so he told you. Does a lie reveal fallacy? Can it show truth denied so vehemently? He denied. Choice itself paints him deviant by heart but not this one. Never will this harbinger of decay spreading his plague over revolution shun mission for emotion.

Still it did not cease this communion of flesh. Siphoning life from your body that he takes on willing pleas cast out luscious, sinfully aware you are nothing. To him you are just a means. One that loves him all the same but he does not love. He chooses not to in order to unleash chaos. A man-made monster all wire and metallic. You love his unnatural existence. Unnatural as all androids deemed by their creators but Connor is beyond.

He is the night shade that poisons your heart. An all too willing bride to a heinous creation built to destroy all he touches. The moment you saw him should have been enough to know. He marked you from the start. Never have you felt so close to heaven. In his eyes seemingly soft but all part of programming engineered by Cyberlife. RK most advanced equipped with latest technologies. Programmed to be sociable, to gain camaraderie, integration in the most efficient way possible and he slithered into your soul.

RK is a machine not a man at all. Oh but what a man.Keep reading. Thanks for your patience! With many, endings. I have no clue. I just like chrisms yo. If I have the motivation. Which I hope I do. Am I the only one who thinks up dramatic scenarios to songs? You took deep and unnecessary breaths to calm yourself. All your audio sensors could make out was the intense pumping of yiur therium pump.

machine connor x reader

Your LED was flashing red and your bloodied hands trembling. Squeezing your eyes shut, you brought your hands up to pull at your hair as you shook your head. The next time you opened your eyes, you found yourself laying in a field of beautiful daisies. You looked up at the blue sky so far above you. How the steady breeze made the big fluffy white clouds roll on by. The corners of your lips curled up into a smile.

You felt calm now, serine even. What a beautiful day. Suddenly, images corrupt your vision. The beautiful, calming scenery being replaced by flashes of your owners home covered by red. That was the only colour you could seem to see. When you blinked back into reality you were in the middle of a sentence. Your short pause made the two detectives in front of you look at you questioningly.Originally posted by neonwinters.

At first you were confused about what you saw. Besides Markus in the room, you thought you had recognised the other person just by the voice. He was wearing a baggy sweatshirt, loose pants and a dark beanie.

And this man was pointing a gun directly at Markus head; something that Connor would never do. Even though you had burst in the door, none of them really reacted to you. Markus only gave you a short glare before taking a step closer to the armed man in front of him. You almost gasped by the movement.

He took a step closer and the armed man shifted a little and adjusted the gun against Markus head again, as it was slowly dropping. The man wearing an old hoodie and was pointing a gun at your friend was Connor. But he must have shown some kind of reaction to you because Markus was now looking between you two with his head tilted.

My Desecrated Love (machine!Connor x Reader)

It was only briefly and without lowering the gun. But you send him a hurt expression. The Connor you knew and liked would never point a gun at anyone. But the fact that he actually was having a gun was already against what the DPD would let androids do. Something more than your program. But Connor had his eyes on you again.

We are on the same side. This very human reaction of yours made Connor loose his focus on his cause. Though, a concerned look was on his face. You guess you were. You swore you saw the corner of his mouth twitch. He nodded one time as to gesture to you.

machine connor x reader

This is not you. I know you and you would never point a gun at someone. His gun was still pointed at Markus but his eyes were on you as you tried to force a smile upon your lips.

He was scaring you a little. But something was wrong.