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MGB Access Control. Operating Instructions. The private PIN will be deleted when the card is deleted. Door open time. Anti-break alarm. Door contact alarm. Tweet Partager. No comment yet. Sign up to comment.

Your new post is loading Scooped by wxxphve. O christmas tree satb pdf. Adagio e molto rubato. O Christmas Tree sheet music for Choir - 8notes. If you learn just 1 fiddle tune, I suggest this be the one. Here is my energetic arrangement of this.

Program and Demo for stand alone access control system

Purchase, download and print sheet music PDF file now! O Christmas Tree. Duration: Traditional German. Ernst Gebhard. O Christmas Tree sheet music for Choir pdf - 8notes.Page of 2 Go. Quick Links. Download this manual. Carbon Monoxide Meter. Pure carbon monoxide CO is colorless, odorless. Its solubility in water is quite Iow, but it dissolves instantly.

Air mixed explosion limit is between. After entering human body. Therefore, carbon monoxide is. Therefore, people should pay attention to safe gas using. Carbon monoxide detector can detect carbon monoxide.

It hasquite clear large LCD screen and voice and light. It is widely used in petroleum, chemistry, coal. When carbon monoxide concentration increases, buzzing. Understand and know toxicity of carbon monoxide. Average for staying for eight hours in OSHA closed space. Dizzy, sick and hyperspasmia, and die in two or three hours. US Department of Labor regulates in Article 24 of the OSHA that: carbon monoxide concentration in any closed.

Please do not use this table only in personal safety inspection. Typical problems of highly-concentrated carbon monoxide that. The air is not sufficient to Support normal. The air is not sufficient to support normal. Table of Contents. Comments to this Manuals Your Name:. Enter text from picture:. Latest comments:.All cities.

FX7500 Fixed RFID Reader Support

Ads with pictures. Similar searches: kkmoon hkkmoon car parkingkkmoon car parking sensorkkmoon hdkkmoon hd tvl. Application: Home banking and home shopping E-commerce Checking the balance of electronic purses Network access control Customer loyalty program Identification and authentication Ticketing Online gaming Parking and toll collection Automatic fare collection Public transportation terminals Physical access control Time attendance Vending machines Contactless public phones Logistics and supply chain management Specifications: Interface: USB Full Speed Operating distance:.

Be beneficial to prevent dangerous and costly collisions. Help to provide increased safety for passengers, pedestrians and family members who happen to be around the moving vehicle. Detect small children and low walls as well. Anti-freeze and rain proof. Easy installation and operation. With a drill head, convenient to drill hole. R Can directly replace your original rearview mirror. Can be fixed securely to all car types.

With spring design on the back for mounting 4 sensor system, double CPU and advanced chipset for enhanced coverage and detection With sound alert when the 4 sensors detect dangers: the closer the obstacles, the louder and faster the sound alert. Help to prevent dangerous and costly collisions. Easy to install. A saw drill head included. High quality. Features: 4 sensor system, double CPU and advanced chipset for enhanced coverage and detection With large digital colored LCD display and sound alert.

Kkmoon GM8805 Instruction Manual

Monitor screen will automatically wake up when sounds happen like baby cryingand into standby when quiet, free from worry anymore. Monitor Specifications: Screen: 2.

Monitor Specifications: Display: 4. Features: digital wireless transmission, stable transmission signal.

kkmoon rfid manual

Storage Temperature: ? Dimensions: Approx. Head protection: it's a very important tool in your outdoor life for safety.

UV anti-fog Goggles can protect your eyes and it's a good decoration for your riding travel. Removable leather scarf can be more warmer in the cold day, and can be removed in warm day, more user-friendly design for you to wear at the four seasons. Built-in lithium battery can continuously work for 6 hours.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Have a question about this project?

Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. Already on GitHub? Sign in to your account. Ist da der Reader "ON"?

Hi, ich hab das gleiche Problem. Wenn ich den Befehl. Hi flo mensch-meier kann sein, dass sich mit dem letzten merge ein Fehler eingeschlichen hat.

Deshalb habe ich meinen develop branch mit master gemerged. Versucht bitte mal, ob ein git pull das Problem behebt.

Hi MiczFlor. Hallo bei mir dasselbe Problem, der pull hat nichts gebracht Bereits aktuell. Was passiert, wenn man manuell kpd in das File deviceName. Pull war bei mir auch erfolglos. Allerdings funktioniert es bei mir jetzt mit einem anderen Reader, einer mit 13,56 MHz.

RFID Emulator - How to Clone RFID Card, Tag ...

Somit aber leider auch die bereits erworbenen kHz Karten nutzlos Bei der manuellen Installation hat der Reader noch IDs der Karten im Terminal angezegit, bei der automatischen Installation werden nun nicht mehr die IDs angezegit, wenn ich die Karte an den Reader halte. Super Projekt!

Installation und Setup alles i. Hat jemand einen anderen Link zu einem Reader der geht? OK dann versuchen wir es nochmal mit einem anderen Reader! The reader listed now has worked and was recommended by two Phoniebox makers Oct 4. I can not guarantee that this will not change and invite you to give RFID Reader feedback in this thread. Karten vom anderen Reader 13,56 Mhz sind nicht kompatibel.

Ich hatte im Vorfeld bereits Karten bestellt Leider jetzt nicht mehr nutzbar. Habe aber auf den Fotos bei amazon gesehen, dass man hinten auf der Platine etwas umstellen kann, ich berichte wenn ich hier erfolge erziele Ich habe mir das Ding auch mal bestellt. In der deviceName. MiczFlor Ja bin auf - kein Unterschied. Hab den Reader auseinander genommen und auf der Platine steht eine Anleitung geschrieben.Page of 17 Go. Quick Links. Download this manual.

Traditional IP Camera. Table of Contents. Page 2: Safety Instructions Safety Instructions These instructions are intended to ensure that the user can install and use the product safely.

kkmoon rfid manual

Cautions: Injury or equipment damage may be caused if cautions are not followed. Page 3: Cautions Cautions 1. Make sure the power supply voltage is correct before using the camera. Do not drop the camera or subject it to physical shock. If cleaning is necessary, use a clean cloth and a little ethanol and wipe it gently. Introduction 1. Installation 2. Page 5: Introduction Introduction This network camera is a type of embedded digital surveillance product that combines the features of both traditional analogue camera and networked DVS Digital Video Server.

Due to the embedded Linux operation system and the latest TI DaVinci hardware platform the system operates with high scheduling efficiency. Page 6: Installation Installation 1. Read the following instructions carefully before installation. Make sure that all the related equipment is powered down during the installation.

Check the power supply to prevent any damage caused by mismatching problems. This product must not be installed in conditions of high humidity or high temperatures. Inadequate ventilation, dampness or vibration must be avoided.

Page 7: 2. Page 8: Fig 2. Please refer to Appendix B for pin Definition. Page Parameter Configuration Parameter Configuration There are several network parameters that need setting after the hardware installation. These parameters include IP address, subnet mask and port number, etc. Set the camera parameters through the client software. Page Fig. Select the Open Sound option. To set the camera parameters through IE browser, click Config and wait for the Remote Parameters Config dialogue box to display and then set the parameters such as IP address, etc.

For more specific information regarding Remote Parameters Config, please refer to the Client Software in remote-distance parameter settings. P camera.Overview FAQ Reviews. Features: Sensitively and response quickly. Connection for external release button Exit button. Support standard users.

kkmoon rfid manual

Does not need to connect on the computer, it can works alone. ACVV power supply provides stable output voltage for access controller, lock, and exit button. It controls electric lock directly.

Help to reduce overload for access controller. Automatic protection function for unexpected short circuit or power off. Collinear load test of magnetic locking is kg Lbs. MOV provides reverse current protection. Anti-residual magnetism designed.

High strength material, anodized aluminum housing. With NO and NC. Comes with remote control for convenient use. Read More. Ask a new question. Please enter a valid email address. You've entered the wrong email format! Please enter the content Please enter a characters. You May Also Like.Where the idea came. This article was created with the goal of engineers amateur enthusiasts and fans of electronics who like to experiment with different radio frequency devices and face their challenges.

Later i realized it for the useful application of the schematic in our daily lives and how useful it can be developed schematic for making a backup of the existing RFID card, so you always have a backup of your access card - as assume that you have the spare keys to your home or car. After using this emulator for emergency needs when is possible and in convenient time you can tell people supporting system for access control that your card is lost and want new.

And with RFID emulator you can make a backup of it and to use it in subsequent similar need. You can buy kit for assembling and see another interesting projects in my website: www. Creators and distributors of the scheme and the materials needed for construction and will not be responsible for malicious actions by malicious individuals from tampering with the device!

Everything about this device and the attached article is for educational and experimental purposes. Use at your own risk! Did you use this instructable in your classroom?

Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. Device control interface. The board has two buttons. They are connected to GP2 and GP3 pin inputs the processor. Two capacitors C5 and C6 are connected in parallel with the keys to prevent any disturbance feedback.

This is needed to use, ICSP programming. Nevertheless, my advice is to program the chip advance programmer before soldering or before placing capacitors on the board to ensure successful programming.

Since this is a test and constantly develops projects and programming will hardly fail if the problem is in programming or hardware, so at least you're assured a secure programming safely follow the tips below in section SOFTWARE. Be careful when choosing LED for your project. Putting more powerful LED a bright, white, blue or different from smd-LED assembly can consume too much power, more than the antenna can induce in themselves and this can lead to supply voltage drops below the minimum threshold scheme to work properly.

Power supply The question was how to most optimally and efficiently get the voltage from the carrier frequency of khz RFID reader and how to use it to power the system. Using a schematic Diode-Bridge from simple low voltage silicon rectifier diodes have very large losses.

These diodes have a voltage drop on him straight about 0. Experiments show us the following results. When using Diode-Bridge circuit formed by four Schottky diodes save more than mV, which is much better option. In the bottom oscillograms notice the difference in the use of Schottky diodes or ordinary in bringing the carrier frequency. Green line is without Schottky diodes.

Kkmoon GM8805 Instruction Manual

Yellow line is the signal induced in the coil reaching GP5 processor. As noted in the use of Schottky diodes compared with ordinary save about 0. Several capacitors are added for filtering the Supply voltage. Not all of them are necessary, but helps to dramatically reduce peaks and harmonics, such as LED illumination, or using the built-in generator 8 Mhz processor.

Automatic overvoltage protection In most cases the voltage that is induced in the coil can not exceed 6V, and it does not have risk to damage any of the elements. But sometimes, under certain conditions - in a strong magnetic field or a sharp magnetization coil sudden skidding to a receiver can form a peak above the maximum voltage that can kill CPU.