Lists of Sicilian and Italian Given Names. As a preface : it should be recognized that ANY given name of a Sicilian or Italian immigrant or any immigrant to the U. That being the case, such names may have been changed to ones that bore no resemblance whatsoever to the original name. If an American neighbor, employer, teacher, census-taker, etc. There's no way to categorize such random substitutions. Before you start searching old records, take the time to determine the right name, including its correct spelling.

They have a letter written like "j", but this "j" is actually a form of the letter "i", and is pronounced as we would pronounce "y" in English. There is a difference between the translation of a name, and the substitution for a name. A translation is the literal meaning of a word or name in one language, as expressed in another language. A substitution is the conversion of a name in one language to a name in sample email to the ceo of a company language, often with a completely different meaning and with unusual results.

Many other names were translated literally. Often, names were 'Anglicized', that is, modified by American clerks, employers or neighbors into a more recognizable, pronounceable or socially acceptable name.

So Lucky isn't a 'nickname', it's the literal translation of the Sicilian name. However the American substitution was sometimes Nat or Nateor even Franksimply because Frank starts with the letter 'F'.

Sometimes the name was too difficult for Americans to pronounce, or one syllable of the name was prominent and became the basis for the name in English. Sometimes the person was given a nickname and the nickname was later transmuted into a completely different name. Diego dee-AY-goh became Dickwhich became Richardetc. Calogero is from the Greek "kalos geron"meaning "good elder". The name being difficult to pronounce and not very amenable to accurate translation, often it was simplified in the U.

The feminine form, Calogerawas changed to Carrie and then often to Caroline. This is also a case where the shortened Sicilian name or family endearment, rather than the given name, was Americanized: short for Calogera is Lilla in Sicily. That gets morphed to Lily or Lillian in the U. Salvatore means "savior", again not amenable to translation. Often in the U.

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In Italian, as in many languages, male and female names have different endings, signifying gender. Other exceptions include Andrea Andrewwhich is from the Greek root 'andros'meaning 'man'. Andrea means 'manly', and in Sicily and Italy it was exclusively a man's name: there was no feminine form.

The tables below are a general guide.

Countries That Start With The Letter O

And in some cases the 'foreign' name was completely abandoned for names like 'Bud' or 'Jack'. Be aware of the difference between the translation of a name, and an Americanized substitution for the name. For example, Vincent is the English translation of Vincenzobut a common substitution is James.

Blase is the translation of Biaggiohowever Bill and the resulting William are substitutions.

List of towns and cities with 100,000 or more inhabitants/cityname: G

Some Italian names have no translation: Calogerofor example, which is substituted for by Charles or Carl. Carmela is Carmela in Italian or English, but it may be shortened to Mella or Milliewhich then is assumed to be short for Mildred a substitution. Carmelina is a diminutive form of Carmelasometimes shortened to Lina or Melina.Modern Rare Archaic. Related name is is not. User list.

This is the most common Hungarian surname. A famous bearer was the mathematician John Nash The name of the region is of Basque origin, possibly from nabar meaning "brown". This name was borne by the British admiral Horatio Nelson A famous bearer was the English physicist Sir Isaac Newton This is the most common Vietnamese surname, accounting for over a third of the population.

A famous bearer of this surname is the American actor Jack Nicholson A famous bearer was the American president Richard Nixon Even before the Norman Conquest, Scandinavians were settling the north and east of England. The Normans who participated in the Conquest were originally from Scandinavia, but had been living in Normandy, France for over a century and spoke French. It either denoted someone who originated in the north or someone who lived in the northern part of a settlement.

It was the surname of the athlete Paavo Nurmi NYE English Originally indicated a person who lived near a river, from Middle English atten eye meaning "at the river". Its name is derived from that of a local river, which is of unknown meaning. Apply this search to the user-submitted names.Modern Rare Archaic. Related name is is not. User list. A famous bearer of the surname was the American sharpshooter Annie Oakley In the Old Testament this is the name of one of the twelve minor prophets, the author of the Book of Obadiah, which predicts the downfall of the nation of Edom.

This was the name of a saint from Toledo, Spain. The details of her life are unknown. This is the name of several Old Testament characters including the grandfather of David. A moon of Uranus bears this name in his honour. Octavia was the wife of Mark Antony and the sister of the Roman emperor Augustus. In 19th-century England it was sometimes given to the eighth-born child. This was the original family name of the emperor Augustus born Gaius Octavius.

It was also rarely used as a Roman praenomen, or given name. In the Old Testament this is the name of a prophet from Samaria. This was the name of an 18th-century Mohawk chief, also called John Deseronto. This is the name of a princess who has been transformed into a swan in the ballet Swan Lake by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. This was the name of a saint who travelled with Saint Columba through Scotland. Saint Odilia or Odila was an 8th-century nun who is considered the patron saint of Alsace.

She was apparently born blind but gained sight when she was baptized. The name appears as Woden in Anglo-Saxon sources for example, as the founder of several royal lineages in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle and in forms such as WotanWuotan or Wodan in continental Europe.

However, Odin is best known from Norse mythology, as the highest of the gods, presiding over art, war, wisdom and death.

He resided in Valhalla, where warriors went after they were slain. The Gothic leader Odovacar is frequently called by this name. Odovacar, also called Odoacer, was a 5th-century Gothic leader who overthrew the last Western Roman emperor and became the first barbarian king of Italy.

italian towns whose names begin with *o*

In the Odyssey Homer relates Odysseus's misadventures on his way back to his kingdom and his wife Penelope. Laius received a prophesy that he would be killed by his son, so he left the newborn to die of exposure. Oedipus was however rescued and raised in the home of the Corinthian king Polybus. After he had grown and learned of the same prophesy, Oedipus left Corinth so that he would not be a danger to Polybus, who he assumed was his father. On the road to Delphi he chanced upon his real father Laius and slew him in a petty disagreement, thus fulfilling the prophecy.Modern Rare Archaic.

Related name is is not. User list. This transcription represents two different ways of spelling the name in Arabic. This was the name of a son of the Prophet Muhammad who died while young. This is the Chinese name of the Azure Dragon, associated with the east and the spring season.

This was the name of a 19th-century chief of the Comanche. It was borne by a 3rd-century saint, a missionary who was martyred in Gaul. The Normans introduced this name to England. In Aztec and other Mesoamerican mythology he was the god of the sky, wind, and knowledge, also associated with the morning star. According to one legend he created the humans of this age using the bones of humans from the previous age and adding his own blood.

This was the name of a patrician family that was especially prominent during the early Republic. A famous bearer was John Quincy Adamssixth president of the United States, who was born in the town of Quincy, Massachusetts.

Both the town and the president were named after his maternal great-grandfather John Quincy The name Caoinlean means "slender" in Gaelic. A notable bearer was the 1st-century rhetorician Marcus Fabius Quintilianus, simply known as Quintilian in English. Originally, during the time of the early Roman Republic, it was spelled Quinctus. This name was traditionally given to the fifth child, or possibly a child born in the fifth month.

It was a common praenomen, being more popular than the other numeric Roman names. A notable bearer was the poet Horace Quintus Horatius Flaccus. Quirinus was a Sabine and Roman god, sometimes identified with Romulus. He declined in importance after the early Republican era.

The name was also borne by several early saints. It is sometimes used as the second part of compound names. This was the name of an ancestor of the Prophet Muhammad who was in charge of a temple in Mecca. This is also the Vietnamese name for a variety of flowering plant genus Epiphyllum. Apply this search to the user-submitted names.Varietal wines in the United States are often named after the dominant grapes used in making the wine.

Showing a varietal on the label tells the consumer what to expect from the flavor of the wine. Wine labels in the U. This is often the case. Then labels in the U. Other more generic names are used to identify wine without any information on the type of grape used or where it was grown.

Designations such as Chablis or Chianti indicate wines similar to the wines originally made in geographic regions indicated by those names.

Chablis was originally a product of France and Chianti, a product of Italy. Such wines must include an appellation of origin to indicate the true place of origin. Some wines are designated with distinctive names which are permissible only on specific wines from a particular place or region within the country of origin.

For example, Pommard from France and Rudesheimer from Germany. A French wine made from late-harvest Grenache grapes and served with chocolate or dishes with a hint of sweetness. By law the wine must contain 15 percent alcohol. A light red wine from the Veneto Region of Italy. Blended from several grapes the wine garnet in color, dry and slightly bitter, sometimes lightly sparkling. Highly regarded Italian red, made from Nebbiolo grapes.

It is dark, full-bodied and high in tannin and alcohol. Ages well. Typically light, fresh, fruity red wines from and area south of Burgundy, near Lyons, in eastern France. This strain of Sangiovese is the only grape permitted for Brunello di Montalcino, the rare, costly Tuscan red.

Luscious black and red fruits with chewy tannins. Red wine grape used in Bordeaux for blending with Cabernet Sauvignon. It is an earlier-maturing red wine, due to its lower level of tannins. Light- to medium-bodied wine with more immediate fruit than Cabernet Sauvignon and some of the herbaceous odors evident in unripe Cabernet Sauvignon. Full-bodied wines with great depth that improve with aging.

Known as Carignane in California, and Cirnano in Italy. Old vineyards are sought after for the intensity of their grapes. Also known as Grande Vidure, once widely planted in Bordeaux. Now primarily associated with Chile. Carmenere has been frequently mislabeled snf many growers and the Chilean government consider it Merlot. Mainly found in California may possibly be Dolcettothis grape has dwindled in acreage.

italian towns whose names begin with *o*

Often lean and tannic. Few wineries still produce it. Champagne is the only wine that people accept in such a multitude of styles.Get the most out of your Italian food experience with our extensive A-Z list of Italian food. We have compiled this list of Italian food words so that even non-Italian speakers can enjoy reading menus and ingredients, further enhancing your Italian food discovery. We very much hope these Italian food names help you enjoy the delicious and varied Italian cuisine, buon appetito!

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italian towns whose names begin with *o*

Braciola — chop of cutlet, usually pork but also lamb, beef, or game and even fish Branzino al sale — Sea bass baked in salt. Brasato — braised beef or pot roastoften al Barolo, that is red wine Bresaola — Salted air-dried beef that has been aged for three months, from Valtellina region.

Burro — butter; pasta al Burro has only sweet butter and Parmesan cheese C Cacciagione — game Cacciucco — Fish stew from coastal towns of Tuscany.

Stuffings include spinach, ricotta and minced meat. Capellini — A very thin spaghetti like pasta. Capesante alla veneziana — Venetian-style scallops. Capocollo — Thinly sliced dry cured pork, similar to prosciutto Cappalunga — razor clam Capperi — capers Cappesante, Capasante — scallops Cappon magro — Genoese seafood salad with vegetables and usually served with with a rich sauce.

Names Starting with Q

Castraure — small wild artichokes, most notably of the islands of the Venetian lagoon, available in spring Caviale — caviar Cavoli, cavolini, cavoletti di Bruxelles or Brusselle — Brussels sprouts Ceci — chickpeas garbanzo beans Cedro — citron Cena — supper dinner Ceneri — ashes Cerfoglio — chervil Cervo — stag, venison Cesta — basket, any number of basket -bag lunch, often sold at railroad stations or prepared by hotels on request Champignon — cultivated button mushroom Chiacchiere — strips of fried or baked pastry dusted with powdered sugar, traditional during Carnevale, known by various names Chitarra — Spaghetti style egg pasta typical of Abruzzo.

Ciabatta — white bread made from wheat flour, water, olive oil, salt, and yeast. Ciambotta — vegetable stew with potatoes, tomatoes, egg plant, onion, and peppers Cibo — food Cicoria — chicory or endive, in many varieties; cicoria di Bruxelles, Belgian endive Ciliege — cherries Cinghiale — wild boar Cipolla — onion Ciriola — Traditional Roman bread which is crusty on the outside and with a soft crumb the inside.

Cocco, noce di cocco — coconut Coda alla vaccinara — Oxtail stew typical Roman cuisine. Colazione — sometimes lunch but usually breakfast, which is correctly prima colazione Colomba di Pasqua — Tradition Easter cake Conchiglie — Seashell shaped pasta. Coniglio — rabbit Coppia ferrarese — sourdough bread made with flour, fat, malt, and olive oil, and braided.The Sultanate of Oman, or simply Oman, is the only country in the world that starts with the letter O.

The country is located in southwestern part of Asia, on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. Oman has a population of about 4, people and has been ruled by Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al-Said since The capital of Oman is Muscat, the official language is Arabic, and the Omani rial is the national currency. From untilthe Portuguese colonized Oman, and designated Muscat as the main administrative town.

The Ottoman Turks captured Muscat indriving away the Portuguese, and remained until Oman gained its independence in Tourism in Oman is an important industry and is expected to grow in the coming years.

The country has several cultural and iconic tourist attraction sites. The main tourist activities include diving and water sports along Al-Sawadi beach, watching marine animals like the turtle, dolphins, and birds along the beaches, where the turtles return every year from the Indian Ocean to lay eggs.

Desert safari, caving, visits to Oman markets, and museums are also popular tourist sites. Oman has several iconic and heritage sites which include Bahla Fort, ancient settlements, tombs and Frankincense Route which are frequently visited by international tourists. All rights reserved. The World's Oldest Civilizations.

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