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international T444E Crank no star

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international diesel truck won t start

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international diesel truck won t start

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international diesel truck won t start

Thread starter CousticKingz Start date Jun 2, CousticKingz Member. Joined Jun 2, Threads 1 Messages I just recently bought a International 24ft box truck with a little more thenmiles on it. I backed it up and parked it, and did not let is sit there for more then a day, and now it won't start. I called the previous owner and he told me to spray "engine start" on the filter of the carburetor and start it, it started and i drove it around till it warmed up then parked it again, not even an hour later it won't start, i sprayed it again and it started, but i don't want to have to spray it every time, what could it be?

Joined May 9, Threads 2 Messages I would be a little concerned if my diesel had a carburetor. SilverSurfer Old School'd. Joined May 1, Threads 90 Messages 2, The white smoke is a result of the starter fluid. This is a circumstance which should raise serious concerns. You may have a problem with the injector motor.You turn the key and you get that sickening feeling in your stomach. Often a simple fix will get you back on the road fast, and you can avoid calling a tow truck.

Sorry, but making promises to your truck will not convince it to start. It wants to see more effort on your part first. When you turn the key and hear the click-click-click sound we all know to well, your battery is dead. The magnetic field keeps on failing, so the solenoid spring keeps on snapping back. Turn your headlights on and switch them to high beam.

Do they shine brightly and stay bright after about 15 seconds? If yes, leave them on and turn the key again. Sometimes the extra current draw of headlights through a poor battery terminal connection will make the engine start.

Try it. You might get lucky. If it does start, make plans to clean those battery terminals soon. If instead the headlights immediately dim when you turn the key it means the battery is dead. Try jump starting it. Wear safety goggles, because batteries can explode and will blow acid and plastic shrapnel at you with great force. Possibly you have a bad solenoid or a bad starter motor. If you can see the starter motor, tap on it firmly, but not with deadly force.

Then try turning the key again. If still no luck, you can have somebody hold the key on start while you tap on the starter. Many times, that will jar a bad starter motor loose and make it start the engine.

What to do? When you first turn the key can you hear the electric fuel pump inside the gas tank come on and run for three to five seconds? If not, then listen closely near the fuel filler cap as somebody else turns the key from off to run, but not all the way to start.

Get a rubber mallet and bang sharply on the bottom of the fuel tank as your helper cranks the engine over. Many times, the banging will jar a stuck fuel pump loose and make it run. Obviously, you want to be sure the truck is in park in neutral for a standard transmissionthe parking brake is on, and that your helper has his foot on the brakes. Locate the fuel pump relay inside the fuse box and replace it with a good one.

Where can you find a known good relay at a time like this? Perhaps you might take one from the windshield wipers. You will find several. Check them all, and if you find a bad one, substitute it with a known good fuse from an accessory with the same capacity fuse.

Do not insert a fuse with a higher rating. The reason for checking fuses is that the PCM ECM in some trucks powers the fuel pump relay, and that particular circuit within the PCM has a separate fuse that powers it.

1997 international 4900 ft466e no start relay problens

This is one of those things that takes less time to do than it takes to explain. It means the problem is not lack of fuel. Suspect lack of spark.Last Updated: August 3, References. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. This article has been viewedtimes.

Learn more Gas powered engines and diesel powered engines ignite differently. Gas powered engines start when the fuel is ignited by a spark from a spark plug. In contrast, diesel engines are ignited by the heat caused by compression. In a diesel truck, the fuel and air must get hot enough to create combustion, which then creates the spark to start the engine. Because heat is necessary to start a diesel truck, the process for starting it is different than starting a gas engine.

Follow these steps to start a diesel truck. Please help us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your ad blocker. Log in Facebook.

Truck Won’t Start: Tips and Tricks to Avoid Calling the Tow Truck

No account yet? Create an account. Edit this Article. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Explore this Article Steps. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Turn the key to the start position without turning the engine on.

You will see the "wait to start" light on the dash.All that was needed to get an old diesel engine started was the proper amount of heat in the combustion chamber and the proper amount of combustible fuel, injected into the combustion chamber at the proper time.

It is no different today with electronic diesels. By keeping those basics in mind, a seemingly hard no start problem can be simplified. I might move on to the compression and proper glow plug operation, but without the proper cranking speed, the engine compression is a moot point.

Most diesel engines need a minimum cranking speed of rpm. If the starting system is not capable of turning the engine fast enough, do some testing and find out why. The technician might need to start with an inspection of the batteries, which will include a load test of the batteries, some voltage drop testing of the negative and positive sides of the starter circuits and maybe a current draw test on the starter. If all these tests pass, then check for something binding inside of the starter or the engine.

Until the engine will crank fast enough, any other testing is a waste of valuable time. There is a time and a place for a mechanical compression test, but that test is way down at the bottom of my diagnostic test list. On the late model diesel engine, accessing a point to get the compression can be a time consuming task and there are easier ways. Stop and think about engine compression. In a combustion chamber, there are only four places for the compression to escape: through a leak in the combustion chamber cracked head or leaking head gasketthrough a leaking intake valve, through a leaking exhaust valve or through a leak in a piston or piston rings.

I find it easier to find where the compression went and in these cases, it is easy to check for pressure pulses in the intake manifold, the exhaust pipe, the engine crank case or in the engine cooling system. This process will require a labscope and a FirstLook sensor, but in most cases the process will be quicker and more reliable than having to remove parts and engine components in an attempt to gain access to a place to get an actual compression reading. After the proper compression has been verified, the technician needs to verify proper fuel injection.

Here is where things start getting a little complicated. Back in the day of the mechanical fuel injection systems, it was easy to loosen a high pressure fuel injection line and see if fuel was being delivered to the fuel injectors.

In the world of today, this is a little harder, if not downright impossible. With the advent of the electronic diesel fuel injection system, a scan tool and scan data will be your friend. The reason is simple. The pressure voltage, though, is always correct. If you are working on a common rail diesel fuel system, the injector rail pressure PID is the telltale PID on fuel pressure.

All common rail engines have a pressure sensor in the high pressure rail. If this sensor is showing the proper amount of pressure, you can be assured there is pressure in the rail. There is nothing worse than working for an hour or so before finding out the fuel tank is full of gasoline or some other liquid that will not combust in the combustion chamber.

Once the proper compression and fuel pressure have been verified with a scan tool and the engine still will not start, the next step is to determine if the fuel is being injected into the combustion chamber. Over the years, I have seen many no start problems caused by stuck fuel injectors. This year alone, I have had three vehicles that needed a set of new injectors to resolve a no start problem. A good way to verify fuel injection is to watch the tail pipe while the engine is being cranked.

If fuel is being injected into the combustion chamber, some fuel will be blown out the tail pipe.Discussion in ' Trucks [ Eighteen Wheelers ] ' started by rshacklefordFeb 4, Each company we work with has specific experience requirements for their drivers. In order for you to receive the best possible offers, please make sure your answers above are accurate prior to submitting.

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Truck WON'T Start!!!

Have a international lo profile service truck with a te engine. Has fuel and cranks over fine. Will not start will fire on either. Name Email Phone Yes, let employers and TruckersReport text me with new opportunities, job alerts and other career information to the number I provided. There is no charge for this service, but standard message and data rates may apply. Feb 4, 2. I had this problem in my ford 7. BryRylanKWFeb 4, Feb 4, 3. Feb 4, 4.

Feb 4, 5. Could also be the HPOP. If it loses pressure the engine will shut down. The CPS will usually cause the engine to run rough before completely dying. Was it running rough before dying? The under valve cover harnesses can go bad as well.I like the avocado shrimp salad, salmon veggie foil packets and spinach quiche cupsThis is pretty impressive.

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international diesel truck won t start

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