FAQ on Coronavirus and Mefi : check before posting, cite sources; how to block content by tags. Leak on driver's side floor maximo porcelain tile it rains.

I replaced my car windshield about 2 years ago. Not sure if that is the cause of the leakage or if it's the air intake which has been suggested. Or something else? I have a Honda Civic LX.

I replaced the windshield about 2 years ago. Coincidentally, soon after that, I started to noticed dampness on the driver's side floor. I blew it off thinking that I accidentally left window cracked or whatever during a rain. Happened a few more times, started to notice a LOT more dampness. I called the privately-owned glass biz who did my windshield and if it could possibly be leaking; he suggested it could be something else I forgot what he thought it could be - and he referred me to someone to check it out.

I never made an appointment to have it checked.

Water leak drivers side floor

Life got busy, I was selling place to relocate about 5 hours away. Needless to say, the leak issue got put down on the priority list.

Here I am, 2 years later, still leaking of coursethe driver's side carpet is disgusting and what appears now to be mold in some areas. The water does not actually drip down from anywhere - I have checked, there is never water from anywhere "above" the dampness. It's more like it is running down from the top, alongside the door or something and settling under the driver's side carpet.

I spoke with someone at a reputable glass installation place and they said they had run into that before and suggested that the air intake could be clogged. This was not the same glass company who installed my windshield. Not only does the mold worry me, but I'm concerned that it could be rusting underneath as well. So my questions are: how do I check what is the cause of the leak? About a year ago, I did take it into the Honda dealership to have my oil changed and asked them about it then.The leak is only present when it rains.

It drops from behind the dashboard onto the foot rest left of the break pedal soaking the floor mat and carpet. Where is the water coming from and how can I plug the leak? The windshield might be leaking. Have you ever had the windshield replaced? The gasket might not have been installed correctly. Or even if original to the car, the neoprene surrounding the edge of the windshield may have cracked.

You may need to have the windshield removed and neoprene gasket replaced. This might be covered by you comprehensive insurance, so check. It could also be rain coming in through the air venting system. Sometimes leaves, sticks, spiders, etc can clog this up.

Especially consider this if you routinely park under trees. If this car has a sunroof, check the drains for that, too.

There should be a drain, normally just behind the front fender, inside each front door. If you open the door and look in towards the fender, you should see them. Hello, I just looked into that problem in a Honda EX and what I found out is that the cable that opens the hood is right below the drain tube for the sunroof.

The cable has a plastic cover as it comes in or out of the driver side like a sleeve to avoid any water to come into the car if that plastic is broken water will coming that was the probem I had. In order for you to see or repair it, you have to take the fender off to have access to that area and be able to repair it. Thanks, Chris from rainy Pittsburgh.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up.

I have an 02 Accord EX with sunroof that has developed a weird leak that saturates the floor on the front passenger side when the car is left sitting in heavy rain.

What is weird about this leak is that the water seems to be coming up from underneath the carpet.

Water on drivers side floor board after a rain..

It is not entering the car via the sun roof or the door as the seat and carpet on the side remain dry. I have previously experienced blocked drain holes in the sun roof - but that spills water into the passenger seat and leaves a noticeable puddle on the seat. I have attached a picture of the situation and I have circled where the dampness seems to start from.

Chris's answer that it is a problem with the sunroof drain pipe matches with what my mechanic recently said and Chris beat me to answering my own question. My mechanic also stated that it was not economically viable to replace that drain pipe given how much interior etc would have to be removed to in order to access it.

I don't know if this is BS or not. Given that my driveway slopes slightly to the right, this means that water now pools in the sunroof on that side and spills over the lip of the sunroof and pours onto the passenger front seat - resulting in the same problem.

Water Leaks Into Interior

I found this solution of theirs to be spectacularly stupid and I have some choice words selected to say to them but I am holding back on that right now end rant. My current solution is to reverse the car into the driveway so that it now slopes to the driver's side and water drains out the drain pipe on that side which doesn't leak.

I was already planning on replacing this car in anyway, so I am taking deep breathes and letting this issue go. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Water leak in Honda Accord Ask Question. Asked 1 year, 10 months ago. Active 10 months ago. Viewed times.Menu Menu. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread.

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honda accord water leak driver side

Trending Search forums. What's new. New posts Latest activity. Thread starter matas Start date Feb 23, Sidebar Sidebar. Forums Social The Garage. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Status Not open for further replies. Previous Next. Aug 8, 1, 0 0. After two days of rain, for the first time I noticed that the roof of my accord leaks.

I am not sure if it's the sun roof or that black plastic along the top of the doors.Home Honda Accord Interior Water. Sounds like a plugged vent. Under the hood on the passenger side under the car there should be a tube that attaches to the vent. Was this answer. Recently when it rains water shows up in the carpet on the driver side only.

This started about 2 weeks ago. It only leaks when it rains. It will soak up a large towel in just a few hours if raining hard. The car has a sunroof of which the seals look good. I pulled the plastic cover on the windshield and checked the seal, which looked good and without cracks.

Are there any drains that run behind the fire wall that may be clogged or anywhere else I should look? Hi Jason, For water leaks the best method to use is to lift up the carpets and use a garden hose to simulate rain by testing from the lower portion to the upper portion and watching for water entry.

Water on floor

Since you have a sunroof, check if the drain hose at kickpanel is dislodged and water is being channelled into the cabin. Check for dislodged wire harness grommets. When AC ON and doing left turn is leaking water inside the car by the driver passenger seat. What could be the reason? Hi hhendy, Most probably the evaporator drain hose is clogged and condensation water collected in the evaporator housing is splashed out when making turns. I have a Honda Accord with K on it.

And it is retaining water in the passenger side floorboard, moreso in the rear passenger side. A mechanic told me that it is from the condenser and is overflowing the drip pan.

So I think the drain in the drip pan may be clogged and I was wondering how to unclog it if possible.After it rains I notice a soaked carpet on my driver's side floor board. While I am in the car, I do not see the water coming into the car anywhere. I do have a sunroof and read something about the drain line from a sunroof can leak onto the floor board. Do u think this is the problem? How do I fix it? JP answered 4 years ago.

The driver side drain tube runs down the inside of the left pillar. You need to remove the pillar trim and the left kick panel to get at it. If you are removing the tube you need to tie a long string to the upper end in the A pillar and then pull it down into the kick panel area of the car.

The drain tubes are fastened to the 4 corners of the Moonroof tray and can be accessed from inside and outside the vehicle with the moon roof open. I have detailed instructions on the entire set up but am trying to figure out how to copy them so I can paste them or send them. You sometimes can by using a length of something long enough and flexible enough to work through the tubing, but you do have to be careful because you can actually hit the clog or a tubing joint connector and push the sections of tubing apart causing a bigger headache.

I really wouldn't suspect a clogged tube, because if it were, then the water would most likely back up in the tubing and then spill inside the car over your head somewhere around the sunroof privacy panel. I would more suspect that the tube has disconnected from the roof drain pan nipple, or has split inside the pillar or kick panel, or that the tubing has multiple parts joined by connector somewhere along the length and has come apart.

JP answered 3 years ago.

honda accord water leak driver side

If the drip tubes from the sunroof drain pan, which run down through the A pillars of the roof, disconnect from the pan nipples or at a connector joint, they can most certainly put water into the passenger compartment and the trunk. Josh answered about a year ago. If it is in the floorboard, it could also be clogged drains at the base of the windshield. The water then runs in through the cabin air filter.

I was searching for an easier way to fix that problem. What I did was remove both windshield wipers the whole wiper, not just the blades. Then I removed the 5 plastic snaps that hold the large piece of plastic at the base of the windshield. Now I could reach in and scoop out the crud plugging the drains on each side of the car just in front of the windshield.

I put everything back together then and the leaking stopped. GuruW8GFG answered about a year ago.Home Honda Accord Interior Water. The driver side floor is wet. I dont know where it comes from but it isolated to an area that is away from the pedals and basically in the portion of the floor directly in front of the seat. If I leave the mat on the water collects on the bottom of the mat and fogs up the car.

The leak must be minor because its not that wet but more moist and damp. Do you. The leak could be coming from the moon roof drain hose, remove the driver's side kick panel Plastic cover by your left foot, under dash to inspect the drain hose and the drain valve connection.

How to remove roof moldings 2008 Honda Accord

The drain hose should be connected to the drain valve. Attached below is a drawing of where the drain goes Image Click to enlarge. Was this answer. Nowhere else. Window doesn't leak. Any ideas?

honda accord water leak driver side

Thank you, Karyn Was this answer. That can be coming in from many different places starting with the roof seam, rear window seal, side window seal, door seal, etc. The way you find it is to remove all the inside trim and look for the stain path or sit inside while someone sprays the car down.

There is cold water that drips from somewhere under the glove box. When I turn I can hear the water sloshing around. If I make a hard turn it will pour out near the gas pedal. Can anyong give me any hints? There are two possibles. One - has it rained halfway recently or have you washed the car? There could be plugged drain on the air intake vent located on the outside of the car right below the windshield. Two - The air conditioner drain is plugged. It wasn't the hose those. I pulled off the hose and it was clean.

I used a straw and stuck it inside the part where the drain hose connects and sure enough the water started pouring out. Now if I can get my floorboard dry everything will be good to go! Thanks for your help Was this answer. Thanks for replying and congrats on another mission accomplished. Seems to have this problem after torrential rain even when parked. It has been mentioned that it could be the heater coil.