Health fairs are one of the most recognizable forms of community-based health promotion conducted in the United States. Health fairs are voluntary programs, which typically last a few days, and offer health education and medical screenings at little or no cost. Most fairs measure height, weight, blood pressure, vision, and anemia, while other popular tests include blood chemistry, oral screenings, podiatry exams, hearing tests, and glaucoma screenings.

Though these fairs in theory may seem like a good idea, the medical literature has often viewed them with considerable skepticism.

These tests may unnecessarily alarm participants with erroneous abnormal results, or provide a false sense of reassurance if results are shown to be normal. Despite these concerns, health fairs continue to attract large numbers of people. Unfortunately, quality studies cannot be found which assess the effectiveness of health fairs. However, these studies fail to report the actual outcomes and do not take into account how many people received an exam by a physician and how many actually had improved health outcomes due to the health fair.

The dearth of experimentally controlled follow-up data is the major factor inhibiting direct assessment of the benefits, costs, and risks of health fair screening. It is also uncertain if the benefits of health fairs outweigh their costs. In a study conducted on health fairs in the Greater Cincinnati area, out of the health fairs offered blood chemistry assessments. Thus, overall the initial test resulted in a follow-up encounter for New diagnoses not necessarily of benefit to the diagnosed patient were made in only.

The study, which assessed a rural county health fair in Kansas, used data from a local health center to determine whether comprehensive metabolic profile findings at the screening were associated with new diagnoses in the 4-months following the health fair.

It is evident that not all screenings are beneficial, and many are inefficient at detecting at risk individuals. For screening to be effective and efficient, the following conditions should be met, at least in part: 1 the disease involved must be sufficiently prevalent and unlikely to be detected without screening. This is because the inclusion of a wide number of services often helps the health fair to receive more support from the community. It is essential, however, for the services included at health fairs to utilize interventions that are proven to be effective and beneficial.

Laboratory tests are offered at many health fairs. Rates of false alarm of health people and false reassurance of those at risk may be high for some tests, and the benefits of collecting new disease are easily overestimated.

Obtaining lab results was thought to be of much greater importance than the health educational materials also offered at the health fair, perhaps because the tests were identified as providing a sense of control over personal health care. Though the National Health Screening Council for Volunteer Organizations NHSCVO training manual includes guidelines for follow-up of abnormal test results, these threshold values are often greater than those that a physician would use to determine if treatment is needed.

Though the direct financial costs of health fairs are typically low since health fairs tend to use volunteer labor, high referral rates can induce substantial follow up costs. This problem is most severe in the case of blood chemistry screening, where the simple laws of multiplicity virtually assure a high false alarm rate.

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Sat, May 15, AM. Senior Safety and Wellness Fair. Share Senior Safety and Wellness Fair with your friends. Save Senior Safety and Wellness Fair to your collection. Thu, Mar 25, AM. Tue, Jun 8, AM. Orlando Virtual Job Fair June 8, View 2 similar results. Wed, May 12, AM. View 3 similar results.

Thu, May 13, AM. Mon, Jun 7, AM. Wed, Jul 7, AM. Sat, May 22, AM. Wed, Apr 14, AM. Volusia Job Fair April 14, Share Volusia Job Fair April 14, with your friends. Save Volusia Job Fair April 14, to your collection.As employees continue to work remotely, many of the traditional wellness programs companies offered are no longer viable, but supporting employee well-being and maintaining culture are more important than ever.

Because this is a new model that had not been used before the pandemic began and companies moved to fully remote workforces, there are a few key points HR leaders and managers must understand in order to make the transition both beneficial for employees and cost-effective.

A virtual health fair can take on many forms but brings the physical experience of a health fair to employees in their homes. It offers a variety of programming, from fitness classes and mindfulness sessions to nutrition workshops or cooking demos, whereby employees can design their own schedule to participate in the options that interest them.

Convenience is a major factor, as it allows employees to participate in their own way, in their home, and on their own schedule. The key is offering variety and managing sign-ups for various sessions. If employees receive a personalized schedule with calendar invites for the sessions they signed up for, the likelihood of participation is higher.

Programs designed to offer a combination of individual resources and virtual group programming offer the best of both worlds. Surveying employees about what wellness resources they need most is a great way to get a pulse on what best serves them. If many employees have families, cooking healthy meals will be a priority; because people are eating more meals at home, access to meal kits like Blue Apron and grocery delivery like Thrive Market can be a huge time-saver. Also, mental health is top of mind for all employees.

Ideally, these programs can also continue to provide more flexibility and inclusiveness to employees as we eventually transition back to the workplace, as well. The future is virtual! As a former athlete, Erika Zauner is a fitness fanatic.

Skip to content Benefits and Compensation, Coronavirus COVID As employees continue to work remotely, many of the traditional wellness programs companies offered are no longer viable, but supporting employee well-being and maintaining culture are more important than ever.Quick links. Welcome to Wyoming Health Fairs!

Let us help you find a path to a healthier you Backed by over 35 years of experience, we deliver affordable wellness solutions for the Person, the Company and the Community. Low Cost Screenings.

Health Fairs Are Going Virtual—What Does That Mean for Companies and Employees?

Corporate Wellness. Community Partnerships. We offer weekly, monthly and annual blood screenings. Our exclusive 33 level blood chemistry panel and other screenings will help you know your numbers. Results are available online usually within business days.

We can also mail your results within business days. Our results highlight values that are out of range and allow you to compare your last 4 blood draws. WHF highly recommends consultation with a primary care provider. They can help analyze your results and what the values mean to you. Our Mission:. We are proud of what we do! We love hearing how our services impact your life.

I come here often for blood test. It's straight forward and efficient. If I have questions, they are answered! You are helpful and I am glad you are here!

Amazing people, excellent service, very impressed!


My first time her and I am with impressed with the experience. Approximately 5 years ago I went to a Wyoming Health Fair.My sincere thanks to Miss Priynka chibber Internal guide for guiding me to work on this term paper. A MBA 1st semester. In practice, knowledge management often encompasses identifying and mapping intellectual assets within the organization, generating new knowledge for competitive advantage within the organization, making vast amounts of corporate information accessible, sharing of best practices, and technology that enables all of the above — including groupware and intranets.

And it should, because applying knowledge to work is integral to most business activities. Knowledge management is hard to define precisely and simply. The definition also leapfrogs the task of defining "knowledge" itself. How would a nurse or doctor define "health care" succinctly? How would a CEO describe "management"? How would a CFO describe "compensation"?

Each of those domains is complex, with many sub-areas of specialization. Nevertheless, we know "health care" and "management" when we see them, and we understand the major goals and activities of those domains. IT is an enabler! Everybody does not have to 'know' everything as long as they know where to instantly get the knowledge.

Things that look futuristic today will be part of the everyday life of the future. In the future each one of us will be able to understand and argue for the benefits of knowledge management. The focus of the skills and experience for managers at every level, sought for by future employers, will be dramatically different.

Instead of asking for the actual knowledge of being able to perform work, the employer will more and more ask for skills in handling and managing such knowledge. The word instantly is very important - if knowledge cannot be obtained instantly, the 'knowledge' does 'not exist' and is therefore useless. Imagine the following future scenario: A KM-tool has been implemented at a mobile operator.

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The Knowledge-Creating Company.

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Aditya Yadav.Join the Corporate Wellness Community. Below are corporate health fairs currently open for registration. Employers handpick the vendors that participate in their health fair and provide ongoing services for their employees. We highly suggest that you fully complete your profile to include company information and logo prior to registering to participate in a health fair.

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Caterpillar Clayton Health and Wellness Fair. Above are corporate health fairs that are open to our provider's request to participate. Employers handpick the vendors that participate in their health fair and provide on-going services for their employees.

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Virtual events allow you to attend from your home or business, using your computer to chat with and stream video to attendants. Click Here to learn more about virtual health fairs.

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