Marvin is a 1yr old Border Collie Labrador mixture. He is a very docile boy who warms right up to you and instantly just wants love. He enjoys to sniff….

Thelma is a 2 yr old labrador border collie mixture. She came in as a stray with another dog that we think is her sister. Thelma would do best in a home…. We haven't seen her with young kids. No cats! Med to high energy. Sammy is a gorgeous 64 pounds 2.

He loves to meet new people and receive attention…. Meet Oreo! This cute girl is a seven month old Border Collie pup who is ready for her forever home. Oreo loves every person she meets, and needs a very…. This wonderful boy's name is Marvin Junior! Marvin Junior came to us from a Rescue and is now ready to find his forever home!

Border Collies are high energy…. Her foster mom says she loves cuddles! Meet attractive Hank! He is a four year old bc mixture who loves to ride in the truck, hike, horseback ride, play with other dogs and be with people.

Ads 1 - 8 of 7, Sort Dogs by Breed Border Collie. Gender Male. View Details. Color Black. Gender Female. Breed Anatolian Shepherd. Sammy Border Collie Adult Male. Age Adult. Oreo Border Collie Young Female. Age Puppy. Luna Border Collie Senior Female. Age Senior. Grants Pass.Border collie x australian shepherd puppies available from august 30 2 chocolate and white females 2 chocolate and white males 2 black and white males mum is Border collie puppies beautiful big long haired border collie puppies purebred long haired 8 weeks old microchipped and vacinated health checked wormed Female border collie.

Wheaten colour. Not desexed she has had one litter of bordoodles puppies. She was a great mother. The puppies were stunning. Grandparents are very good working dogs. Border Collie puppy. Vet checked. Beautiful wheaten coloured female Border Collie perfect manners done basic obedience training, she is only 3 and only had 1 litter of gorgeous Bordoodles.

We have a beautiful Border Collie boy for stud he is such a wonderful dog with a beautiful temperament and nature.

Border collie puppies for sale

One of the best dogs for kids, easy to train Boy black and gold and 2girls won with black and white and won with brown and white with 2green eyes. Wanted border collie for my kids, Our miss sarah has had 12 gorgeous pups. Sarah is a koolie x border collie and she works cattle.

border collie puppies for sale central coast

The father is a chocolate Used this once for my border collie puppy 2months old 7kg rrp air travel safe, Selling my beautiful pure bread border collie to a good home with a big backyard She is a very cuddly little lady Regretful decision giving her up She is not Well behaved border collie with beautiful nature Didge does not bark, comes back when called, sits and strives to please Hes an entite male ex working dog, not Purpose bred shorthair working border collie with 18 koolie pups seeking eoi on 3 pups available to excellent homes only sire border collie dual paddock Wanted german shepard or a border collie x kelpie or a labrador puppy, Looking for a new home for my male border collie Rosco, he is 8 years old and requires a family that has a lot of time for hes active life style He is a good Wtb female border collie puppy, Wanted border collie female pup, Wanting to buy a border colliepreferably a working dog open to buy from any town in vic preferably female, and tan and white or lilac in colour, I am after a border collie male or female puppy or adult or australian shepherd puppy or adult i am still interested if cross with another breed such as Looking to buy female border collie puppy around 3 months please call My family of 4 is looking for a border collie or border collie x please contact me if you have a litter available midjuly onwards, Wanting a female border collie pup under Enter your email address to receive alerts when we have new listings available for Border collie puppies for sale.Adopting a Herding Dog.

Fundraisers and Donations. Finding a Dog to Adopt. How to Place Your Dog. PadMapper has over half a million active pet-friendly apartments for rent across the U. This site lists dogs in shelters as well as dogs in homes and foster care, and is intended to help adopters seeking good dogs, and dogs seeking loving homes. If you have a dog that you would like to list on this site, please email info cchdrescue.

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We will need at least one good photo as well as a detailed description of the dog and contact information for you. We may not have met or evaluated a dog that is listed; we are simply posting information about available dogs in the central California coastal region, along with links to rescue groups elsewhere. Screening of dogs and owners is the responsibility of the parties listing dogs or responding to listings about dogs on this site.

When you see dogs like this in shelters, you just have to wonder how people can be so stupid. This stunningly gorgeous boy, originally named Kyd, came in as a stray to the Lompoc shelter. When no one came to claim him, he went into foster care for CCHD Rescue, and was placed in just a few days, with an owner smart enough to recognize his beauty of brain and heart as well as body.

As Bodhi, he is a loving companion, helpful classroom assistant, and high drive walking companion. Bodhi had to teach his new mom how to own a Border Collie she'd been used to Labs, so much mellower and less in need of mental stimulation! Thanks, Jennifer, for letting this boy into your heart! Teddy, now known as Ned, is a handsome, AKC-registered BC who grew up on a ranch but never showed any interest in sheep. He had a tendency to spin compulsively, which his owners didn't understand; they assumed he was brain damaged and were ready to put him down.

Many thanks to Kay for giving him the best home one could ask for! Sometimes the sad stories do have happy endings.We at ranchworldads. Featured Ads - Cow Dogs for Sale. They are 8 weeks old. Up-to-date on vaccinations. Very well breed puppies out This pup is friendly and eager to learn. She is a moderate Born A grandson of Randall Walkers Bear. Lightly started but really wants to work Tori knows her flanks but fights her down a little bit.

She has a really nice heal Jody is lightly started and has lots of eye and style Sammie has been lightly started. She would be better suited She always wants to play. Very energetic, loving, and cute Out of proven parents, guaranteed to want to work. Grab him Second litter from T-bone and Daisy. People that have Latest ads - Cow Dogs for Sale.

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border collie puppies for sale central coast

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Border Collie Breeders in Central Coast NSW

Show ad. Topaz knows his flanks and down and is easy to handle. This is a very very nice dog that knows his flanks. Toby is Searching for an older pup up to 3 years old who may not Contact for Price. Born on June 2nd. The sireThe Border Collie is a very athletic, medium-sized dog that is part of the herding group. They were developed for herding sheep along the border between England and Scotland. Border Collies are still used as herding and working dogs on farms and ranches today.

In addition to making a great companion for an active family, they excel at dog sports like agility training, tracking, obedience, and more. They are highly intelligent, loyal, affectionate, and responsive. However, they are not cuddly couch potatoes. Border Collies love to work and be on the move. They get along well with children and other dogs. Although they are a friendly dog breed, they can be reserved or slightly suspicious with strangers.

Early socialization is key with any dog breed. It can go a long way in directing the seemingly endless energy and herding tendencies of the Border Collie into more positive activities. If left to their own devices, a Border Collie will start to invent their own games. This dog breed is sensitive, but is also relatively adaptable. Although they are high energy, they can adapt to apartment living as long as they get plenty of exercise. They are not fans of cold or hot climates, so will be happiest in a moderate climate and in a space where they get to run.

They are okay with being alone, but can start to exhibit destructive behavior if they do not get enough exercise or mental stimulation. This is a generally healthy dog breed, but there are a few health conditions to be aware of. Checking with the breeder on the genetic history of the parents is a good idea and getting health clearances can allay some of these concerns. These dogs are always quick and eager to learn new commands. However, they tend to be very difficult for the average person to train, so may not be a good fit for novice dog owners.

Even an experienced dog owner may benefit from some training classes. The classic Border Collie coat comes in two variations — rough and smooth. A rough coat is medium length and is flat or slightly while a smooth coat is short. Common coat colors can vary from bicolor, tricolor, solid, merle, or sable.

border collie puppies for sale central coast

Since Border Collies have a weather-resistant double coat, they only need to be brushed weekly. This will not only help your dog be more comfortable by removing the loose fur but it will also help to minimize shedding.

Your pup will only need to be bathed about once every four months and when they get dirty or smell terrible. Daily tooth brushing is best, but two to three times a week is sufficient to remove tartar buildup and decrease bacteria in the mouth. Border Collies are a high energy dog breed that need plenty of exercise.

These dogs have been bred to run miles a day, so they should be taken on two minutes walks a day, at the very least.Border Collie Puppies. Pure Breed Border Collie Pups for sale. Border Collie Pups. Purebred Border Collie pups. Border Collie Pups for sale. Border collie x shitzu. Bordercollie puppies. Blue pure bred border collie pups. Border Collie puppies for sale.

Kelpie x Border Collie Pups. Sasha- female border collie x cattle dog. Bordoodle puppies. Pure bred border collie puppy. Border Collie puppies.

border collie puppies for sale central coast

Pet Shop All Shops. Purebred Only. Rescue Pets Only. View more info with the PetSelector. The Border collie is a popular pet and also sadly one of the breeds that is often rehomed when he reaches adolescence. A lot of owners just cant keep up with him so give him away and miss out on a life with the most faithful and loyal dog that they could ever have. With a busy mind and high intelligence the Border collie learns quickly and easily.

He loves activities such as agility, flyball and search and rescue. The Border collie is the ideal dog for a trainer that wants a quick, clever and friendly partner for a working life. Bred for herding, initiative and high energy this collie has a high demand for exercise, activities or if possible, jobs that will keep him stimulated physically and mentally.

If left idle he will find something to keep him busy which can be destructive sometimes. The inactive Border collie can become reactive, start to chase light and shadows and even become depressed. Border Collie puppies, 5 boys, 3 girls, friendly, happy, cuddly, enjoyable puppies. Dame is a chocolate - white long hair. Sire is a medium wheaten - white dog.

Both DNA, clear. Up to date worming. More photos on facebook Puppies do not have papers and Born 11th September. Microchipped, wormed and vaccinated.Hoping to find a border collie breeder for new puppy within the next 6 months. We found 6 additional ads in surrounding suburbs. We are looking for a puppy, 12 month old or younger so complete our family.

We are looking for a Labrador, golden retriever, border collie, Australian Shepard or a mix of any of these dogs. Looking for a purebred Kelpie pup, weeks old. Also looking for a Kelpie x Border Collie pup weeks old. Would be so greatful to be considerd for one of these energetic and smart pups. We are an active family and passionate about responsible dog ownership. Rosie is still a puppy, she's great with kids and other dogs.

Unsure of cats. She shakes and lays when asked. Reason due to selling is moving and can't take with us. Hi, we are looking for a border collie puppy to join our family. Sign In Register. My Gumtree Post an ad.

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